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    Not only am I new to reloading, I'm a novice when it comes to scopes. The only scope I'd ever used was a 4X on an old .22. I recently mounted an inexpensive one with max magnification of 12X on a new Savage in .223Rem. and have a couple of questions:
    The first is about the term 'eye relief'. Am I mistaken, or does it refer to the distance between your eye's focal point and the rear of the scope? The other is about magnification. I'm currently using that 12X scope to shoot targets out to 300yrds. Would changing to a higher magnification significantly increase accuracy?

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    Short answers, yes and yes. Eye relief can be very important, especially on hard recoiling rounds and guns. I mount the scope loosely in the rings so it moves freely. Close my eyes and mount the gun to get my natural cheek weld then open my eyes. Now slide the scope forward or rearward as needed to get it positioned so it's clear with max field of view. Many variable scopes begin to lose eye relief slightly as you go up in magnification. Before I lock the scope into position I run the magnification all the way up. Sometimes it requires a little tweaking to get in the right spot for both low and high power.

    Higher magnification allows more precise aiming, or as in The Patriot, aim small, miss small. How much is enough? That's completely up to you.
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      My take on 'scopes is 'Don't buy cheapies.' You might luck out with one but the odds are against you, and even if you get lucky those odds will eventually catch up with you. Buy the ones with good reviews and a following. They'll make you say OUCH when you part with the cash, but you will thank yourself for it in times to come.
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        I thought that, rather than getting another rifle, investing in a good scope could be beneficial. I'm considering two at present. The first is a Weaver 6X-24X which sells for about what I paid for my rifle. The other is a Vortex that I've read great things about, but it's twice as expensive. I wouldn't mind waiting until I can afford it (after Christmas) as I really like the extra features, but I kind of doubt my untrained eyes would be able to tell any difference in the actual sight picture.