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    I have 2 Burris, 2 Nikon and 3 Vortex. 30-30 is wearing a Crossfire, 223 is wearing a Diamondback and my 308 is wearing a Viper. Only one I had issues with was the diamondback. For what ever reason, the 223 scrambled it. I sent it back and Vortex replaced it at no charge to me. Haven't had an issue with it since. Of the three vortex scopes, I like the Viper the best. So far, I have stretched it out to 500 meters. I think if I change out the mount, I can probably reach out even further.
    As for the Burris, I have a Fulfield II and an Eliminator II. The clarity in both of these are just as good as the Vortex, IMHO. The Eliminator is mounted on my 22-250 and I have stretched it out to 550 yards. Really fun rifle/scope combo. My Nikons are mounted on my Henry 22 and AR10. They both work great for the purpose intended.
    "There\'s no such thing as a good gun. There\'s no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys."

    -Charlton Heston


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      I have 2 6-24 Vortex vipr pst scopes. One on a 280 AI and the other on a 243AI. I love them both. They are crisp and clear. Reticle is excellent. Adjustments are accurate and repeatable. The reticle is illuminated and adjustable for brightness. I've only used that feature in early morning hrs but it is awesome and the reticle is still crisp and clear when illuminated. I dont think you will be disappointed with the scope you are looking at.
      I too was always a Leupold man, in fact I still have 6 Leupold scopes that I still use. The one I miss most was a 24X target scope I bought back in the early 80's and used on a 243 Win varmint rifle. I was taking head shots at 400 with it. The adjustments were perfect, and I mean perfect and repeatable. I miss it and the rifle. Most accurate rig I ever had


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        thanks Seabee, that gives me a better feeling about money well spent . I am [ un ] patiently waiting for my rifle to get built , I have all the componets to do the build, ie - stock, scope, one piece rings and bases, barrels have arrived , the gun builder has a couple to build in front of mine and I am stopping in to watch their progression and it is quite a sight to watch them go from a little rough to a beautiful shooting rifle . I like the way the builder fusses over little things and then see the end result of ragged little groups at the end.