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  • looking through the glass

    how many of you folks shoot both eyes open.or dominant eye closed . I am right handed and left eye dominant . looking through the scope both eyes open I see double images . have to force my right eye open while squinting my left eye shut. I was told a long time ago to learn to shoot left handed same with my bow. heck I have a hard time tying my shoes left first .just wondering bob

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    My wife has the same problem. I first taught her to close her left eye and only use her right eye. During the winter, 2 yesrs ago, I worked with her to teach her mind that her right eye had priority. It was not easy, but she spent a lot of time behind the scope, as well as a few other exercises we found on the internet. She is now able to shoot with both eyes open, and use her right eye as BOSS. YMMV
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      Practice shooting with an eye patch, you can get one at most drug stores
      It will take some time and patience



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        I shoot right handed and am left eye dominant. Have always shot right handed with my left eye closed. That was how I was taught. Never knew the difference until someone tried to teach me to shoot trap with both eyes open. It was an absolute disaster. I might have broken 8 out of 25.

        I'm about a 22 average shooter and have only shot one 25 in my life. Actually never pulled the trigger on a clay bird until I was over 40.

        It's a real disadvantage in shooting sporting clays. I know that I would be a better shooter if I could shoot with both eyes open but can't easily make the left handed shooting work well either. RD
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          Rocky +1.

          I was right handed, right eyed. Diabetes took my right eye, so I switched to left handed left eyed. Difficult to say the least. Left Trigger finger never could get it correct.

          Got some laser surgery, and got 'some ' vision back. But my left eye is still dominant, %$#%^

          Having had it both ways, I think.
          If only rifle shooting go with right handed, right eye and just 'squint' the dominant left eye.
          Shotgun shooting will require you to shoot left handed/left eyed to get perspective (dual eyes).

          IF you want to shoot shotgun on a non-dominant eye side there is a GREAT device to help. I was lucky to have champion Tom Knapp give me a lesson (great guy/shooter).
          Designed using the input of shotgun exhibition shooter Tom Knapp, the Easy Hit fiber optic front sight incorporates a long fiber optic tube for maximum light gathering capability to draw the eye naturally to the bright, cicular aiming dot. BUT it is different, in that the eye end of the tube is deeply recessed. If your head isn't on the stock and you are looking cross eyed (common) the red dot doesn't appear. Pretty easy to teach you non-dominant/brain side to only fire when the red dot is on the target (ie you are using the eye that is on the top of the barrel. I use to take all sights/dots off my shotgun for hunting and I 'NEED" that sight to make me use the correct eye..

          Midway and others have them. I have them on 6 for me.


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            I'm right handed and eye dominant. I've never been able to shoot a scope with both eyes open. Shotgunning is no problem with both eyes open because I'm focused on the bird, not the bead. I would just close the dominant eye and shoot right handed.
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              I am strongly left eye dominant and right handed.

              I learned to shoot right handed because my dad always thought I was right eye and right handed. I have always shot with both eyes open. Seeing double has never been an issue when shooting rifles with scopes. Shooting shotguns at clay targets has always been impossible for me. Somehow, I can hit a bird or two when I try. I have had to train myself to only use one eye at a time when shooting.

              Shooting pistols has been ok. I can hit ok out to about 25 yards but that's the best I can do.
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                As said shooting one eyed with a shotgun is a major
       depth perception. That means no distance factor to your brain, no size realization, no speed calculation possible.