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Unscientific test with unexpected results

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  • Unscientific test with unexpected results

    I recently stopped at Cabela's with intent of purchasing a set of Vortex Diamondback 8x28 binoculars. As I was looking at them I asked the salesperson to hand me a pair of Swarovski CL pocket binoculars in 8x25 just for comparision's sake. I really felt like the Swarovski's would make me regret the Vortex purchase even before I left the store. I picked out a security camera at the far end of the store and proceeded to compare the 2 binoculars. Believe it or not, the Vortex's were clearer and brighter and I could read the writing on the security camera with the Vortex's and I could not with the Swarovski's. I asked the salesperson to do the same test and she came up with the same results. BTW, I did not tell her my findings until she had made up her own mind.
    Are the Vortex just that good, or was it a fluke ? Am I kidding myself or blind or what ?
    TIA, Dennis

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    Sometimes that is the way a cookie crumbles.
    Sitting 2 spaces down from me was a shooter we were shooting 100 yards. I was watching his shots and he was not able to see the holes clearly.. Sun was at our shoulders and slightly in front of us.
    I heard him and his buddy trying to get a grip on where the bullet holes were at.

    I slid down and let them look through my scope..The guy was amazed at the clarity compared to his scope.He used my scope for the next 15 minutes to see the shots.
    I looked through his scope and it was indeed terrible.
    This was an older gent ..I asked If I could adjust the scope for him. He said sure.
    I adjusted it and it was much better but not near as clear and crisp as my scope.

    He asked me what scope I had and I said 4-16x40 Centerpoint.
    He said never heard of it what did it cost..I said $75 .. He said his was a Leupold and he paid almost $1000 for it.

    I told him it is better after I adjusted it.
    He had been shooting that gun and scope for over 5 years.

    Maybe there was an adjustment on the eyepiece you missed.. or maybe that is just what happens sometimes.

    Better in your eyes is better so that is why we compare things.

    I have looked through Vortex scopes and some look really good and some were just not good with distortion and bending around the edges.
    I think maybe there are monday scopes and thursday scopes.

    And Binoculars.


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      I have 2. A 3X9 on my AR and 4X12 on my Axis. Both great. Didn't really want a 3X9 on the AR but had bought it for the Axis and it was to short.. So clear I just kept it and put it on the AR.
      Never drink down stream from the herd.


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        I've tried similar tests but also used Leupolds, Bushnell, and a no name pair.

        My results would surprise many. But to be a believer, one mush test for himself/herself.