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what would be a good slug gun scope?

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  • what would be a good slug gun scope?

    hay everyone i would like to put a BDC type scope on my rifled 12 ga. shotgun that will hold up to that kind of recoil. like to get some opinions before i start shopping for one. thanks, 86

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    Myself, I'd compare the eye-relief specs and that would be a major factor in the selection.

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      I like Bushnell circle x reticles on 1.5-4.5x32 scope.
      couple options, if you need 6" ER
      if you can get by with 4"ER (my preferred scope, works good on AR too)

      Circle part, covers center of OO buck pattern, with fine x in center for slug use.

      If you wanted to spend a bit more, to get better quality, I would look at.
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        thanks Robert for the quick start, and BRYAN eye relief is a must in a short scope.(the scope i tried last year turned into a baby rattle) :bawlbag: 86


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          I like red dots on shotguns


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            I have had excellent results with a Leupold 1 x 4 variable shotgun scope on my 870. The current model is the Leupold VX-1 1 x 4 and sells for about $200, a good value in my opinion.