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  • crimson trace rail master

    Just got this yesterday and I have to say, I am impressed. I was going to get a dedicated grip laser for my Ruger 22/45 but it was much more expensive and much less flexible. I can put this on anything with a rail so I stuck it on a Glock 29 and a Bushmaster AR15 pistol just to check it out. It's bright day light right now and I could see the dot on a tree 25 yards away no problem. At night it washes out night sights. It has 3 modes-constant on, strobe, and a mode where you touch the switch and it shuts off as soon as you take your finger off the switch. Constant on seems the most useful to me so far. It's made in USA and you can really tell. It is well made. for $150, this was money well spent. I will be buying another one I have a feeling. It also projects the beam below the suppressor on the 22/45 and the Glock so you don't need to get extra high sights if you're running a suppressor. The only downside is that the weapons no longer fit their leather holsters once the laser is attached so I'll need to get special kydex holsters if I want to put one of these on my carry pieces. Not sure if the pics are gonna upload or not. I'm still getting used to the new web site.
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    What NV scope/gear you using?


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      no NVD yet but I'm looking at an ATN thermal. I mount a flashlight under the 2245 when I hunt with it though. The scope on it is a BSA that I'm not at all in love with but it works fine for killing varmints at night.
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        Did you get the red or green? I have 92 that came with red lasergrip, I didn't really care for it. I later, got a green laserguard for XDs and it's a world of difference. I've since picked up a couple railmaster's in green, CMR-206 (new style) and CMR-203 (old style). Looks like you got the smaller new style. Sign up for crimson club, on their website and you can get some great deals, by e-mail. Did you get it in time for rebate? They had a $50 rebate on most models?
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          This is the green version CMR-206. I have CT red laser grips on a J frame .357 magnum and they're good in low light but not nearly as visible in daylight as this. looks like I just missed the $50 rebate. figures.