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  • Spotting scope mount

    My 80mm large heavy spotting scope seems to just vibrate to much when in a camera tripod. Makes it useless at 300+ yards.

    I was thinking of a Freeland spotting scope mount/base. Anything more reasonably priced? but rock solid.....

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    Following this thread.

    I saw one made of wood. Like a tool box. it was HEAVY. Range use only for sure. I have ruined 2 scopes from wind or kids knocking them over on the range concrete floor. Tripods are unstable.


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      I have quite a few of them, each has it's purpose. You can find some pretty decent one's at Sportsman's WH for about $100 or so that are fairly stable. Several are higher quality, not super high end, I think I spent about $175 or so for the most expensive one's, but even the $100 one's are stable enough that I trust my higher end optics on them, such as the 85mm, 80mm and the 60mm Vortex Diamondbacks & Razor's. But even with a decent pod to be properly stabilized and safe from accidents or an unexpected gust of wind, I often place a small sand bag across the webbing to prevent expensive accidents. I carry an old pair of socks with me, takes just a couple minutes to fill one with some sand, put a zip tie on it and I'm safe from unexpected accidents, this prevents my optics & chrony from crashing to the ground

      I stopped using the really low end pods after a pair of my Leupolds hit the ground hard during a hunt. I guess I had them poorly balanced, which is an easy mistake to make with pods that have a narrow leg spread.



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        I use a carbon fiber tripod for my spotting scope it's rock solid and it has a hook built-in at the center shaft in order to hang a weight from



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          I use a Bogen Manfrotto tripod and head. I have a Vortex 80mm and it keeps it rock solid. Nice thing is you can pick them up for about $50 on Fleabay for the tripod and get the head for less if you look around. I use the head that has six sides rather than the standard four sides mount into the head socket. Photography is one of my hobbies so I had them already.
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            Bear tried to send you some links to used head and tripod but your mailbox is full so I couldn't. For around $100 you can have a fantastic setup. Look for Bogen Manfrotto 3047 head and Bogen 3001 tripod or 3221 tripod on Fleabay, the larger the number typically on Bogen tripod means heavier duty but the 3001 will me more than needed. This setup will hold medium and large format camera's for photography, a spotting scope would be nothing for it.
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              Hopefully I didn't overpay, I just picked up 3001 with 3029 head, for $50.31 shipped, off fleabay. I saw others on there, but there shipping was high. Hopefully, I wasn't bidding against Bear, there's another one on there cleaner, with reasonable shipping.
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