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What is the worst thing you've ever done to a scope? Leupold Wall of Shame

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    Originally posted by Rockydog View Post

    And with this revelation the spotting scope was invented!
    Yes! 4x spotter. I could spot a gnat. ( but not very far.)
    William Waco
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    .22 Hornet - 1956


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      Weaver action was stuck a bit pulled on the rear of the scope broke the lenses loose, no fixing that one!
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        Rolled a horse over on the rifle and scope. Didn't do either one any favors.
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          I saw a pack horse fall and roll over on my rifle. The scope was bent and the rings were ripped off the gun. I told Leupold what happened plus sent pics and I got a new scope & rings. Good as new! 3 x 9 on my model 70, .270, pre-64.