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    Guys, I am a diehard Leupold fan boy. I have dozens of VX3s and a few VX2s and absolutely love them. I have a new Kimber Hunter coming in 257Rbts and was looking at ordering a scope and ran across the VX2 Ultralight. I have not seen one of these in person, my Dad has a 2-7 compact on his BLR, he has had it on there for probably 25yrs and I am sure they have changed some. I am sure of the quality of it, but wondering if it is that much lighter than say, a 2.5-8X33 VX3? It is about $100+/- cheaper than the VX3, which isn't an issue, but I think the Ultralight might go good with the light Kimber. What do you all think?

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    My Kimber 260Rem wears a Leupold vx-3 3.5-10xx40. I went thru the same mental process as you are doing. My old eyes needed assured more scope.

    I do have 6 Leupold vx-2 2-7x. great scopes.

    If you are looking to shoot long range, then the greater power of the vx 3 is the way to go. I routinely shoot 300+ yards at antelope (one shot kills) with my lightweight Kimber and vx-3.


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      I have the same mind set Bear. I have several 2.5-8 VX3 but was wanting a little more magnification in case it went west with me, but don't want to put a big(ger) scope on a lightweight rifle, kind of defeats the purpose. I have a few VX2s left and they are very nice, but IMHO, the VX3 is the pinnacle for an affordable high quality rifle scope, meaning something a working man can afford. (<$750-$1000). I wish I could put my hands on one of the Ultralights...I'll have to do some looking at the Bass Pros and other big stores to see if they have one.


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        its hard to find a true compact scope any more. Your dads is probably between 8.5 and 9.5 inches long. most of the new scopes are considered compact if they are under 12". going shorter leaves you with a 20mm objective which really isn't good for low light hunting or a forward mounted scout scope.