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  • Night Force Vs Vortex

    I had my yearly breathing test today. Its an hour test with most of the time talking to the PA. He is an avid shooter so its a pleasant test. He was complaining that his Night Force cost him $1400 and his shooting partner had a $400 Vortex and there was virtually no difference. Makes you wonder how much you pay for the name.
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    Vortex is probably the best value in glass right now. That said a $1400 Night Force is near the bottom of the line. There is no mistaking the view you get out of a $2500 Night Force. You don't know what you are missing until you gaze through one. Is it worth it?


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      Have to agree with deaddog. I have a Vortex Viper HS-T and doesn’t compare to a NightForce as far as clarity. I believe my $180 Nikon scopes are as clear if not more clear than the Vortex.
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        You go ahead and send me that Night Force I'll send you a Vortex we can call it even.


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          Nightforce has outstanding mechanicals; Vortex isn't even close. Leupold are a close 2nd.

          RE Old cop's op: if you look thru most scopes over $100 you will find them to be similiar in clarity and brightness. This assumes same tube size, magnification, and objective lens diameter. Only in low light levels will some scopes be better. I believe all NightForce have the larger 30mm tube.


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            When I buy scopes I try to do so in the evening or on a cloudy day, I ask the sales person to take several outside to look through them. THAT is how you get the best results in making the comparison.


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              I have 2 Vortex scopes. A 3X9 and 4X12. Together they weren't $400. They do everything I need which is a few trips to the rifle range every year. I don't hunt anymore as in Eastern Va, you don't hunt deer you ambush them. If I was putting out handfuls of $100 bills for a hunt I would certainly want the best available. Paying $25K for a hunt and using a $59.95 Bushnell wouldn't be the smartest thing you could do. ( not knocking Bushnell) My wife and I are retired so if she found I paid $1500 + for a scope things would be very chilly in my house for some time and would require the purchase of a fair amount of gold jewelry to even things out. Price doesn't always mean quality but cheap is almost always the most expensive.
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                While I am partial to the Vortex line of scopes, I am picky as to which ones I buy. The Diamondback or Crossfire lines I tend to stay clear of. I have two Vortex Vipers and don't have much reason to complain. Vortex doesn't even begin to enter into the same realm with Knight Force until you get to their Razor line. And even then, they are only at the low end of the Knight Force.
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                  Sightron STAC 4-20X50

                  I see your Vortex, and raise you.

                  nope its not in the Nightforce glass range - but at dusk I have put my Zeiss Conquest away and kept shootin rabbits with the Sightron for another 20 minutes untill it was too dark to actually make out a target.

                  They are HOWEVER worth a darn good look!!
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                    Well I own a Nightforce(338 lapua mag model700) and some Vortex (Mossberg MVP scout and a 30-06)if you start compare similar prices Vortex to Night force it is hard to see much of a difference, but the lower end vortex that I own are very clear and have good light transfer no where near what I have with the Nightforce. I was going to buy the Vortex Golden eagle but I got a deal on the Nightforce cause it was a open box. The guy who bought it before me was a ass and broke the windage adjuster and returned it to my local optics guy. He didn't know it was broke amd when he found out didnt want his boss to know he took back a broken 2,000 dollar scope so he hooked me up. I sent it back and they fixed/replaced it. By the way Nightforce CS is top notch it took 2 weeks to get the scope mailed on the 1st and got it back on the 15th.

                    can't comment on the Vortex CS never used it.

                    but I will say that scopes in the 2grand range are really not much difference it will come down to features, reticles, and specs.
                    I'm now on a 30mm tube fixation.
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                      Swarovski by day and evening... ATN X-Sight 2 5 x 20 at night....