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Opinions on the Vortex 4x24x50 StrikeEagle

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  • Opinions on the Vortex 4x24x50 StrikeEagle

    The other day, before going to the range I decided to remove the reflex sight from one AR I wanted to test and looked to see what extra scopes I had laying around... Looking for a higher magnification the only thing I could find was an old Tasco 6x24 so I put it on for the range trip. What a horrible thing to stick on a gun- ughhh the eye-box was next to non-existent, the clicks wouldn't hold, the AO focus was terrible and I couldn't get a clear target picture from the glass. This was in clear sunny conditions.

    I muddled through the day but now am looking for a replacement. Most of my scopes max at 12 to 16x so I do want to get something in 20x-30x for the range.

    I have other Vortex scopes and binocs and am very happy with them so when I saw the all features the Strike Eagle has, including etched reticle, illumination and most features of the PST series I am interested... At $700 retail and $500 from most resellers, its about half of the PS... but wait... Amazon has it for HALF of that!! Lets consider that for a moment.. $256 vs $999 seems like a no brainer but I do realize here must be some compromise somewhere- most likely the quality of the glass.

    Does anyone have one of these they can comment on? Are these made in the Phillipines like their Viper series or China with their Diamondback series?
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    I bought one last Summer for my oldest to put on his FN AR15. He absolutely loves the scope. I think I got him the 16x but I cant remember. I tried it out and it has nice glass for the price point. I use the Razor 5x20 and I am sold on vortex quality. I hope this helps.


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      Unconditional transferable full lifetime warranty that also covers damage.


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        Yes i understand its made in China- that may or may not be the deal killer- as I have said before, they can make decent stuff if the specs and QA are adhered too.
        Vortex is a good company and this is a new line of scopes with higher end engineering so i expect it will exhibit mechanical quality - and wit the Vortex warranty I know they will stand behind it.

        The real question is the glass quality. I don't expect $2000 glass in a $500 unit but I do want to know if it is comparable to the other 700-900 price point units coming out of the other Asian countries...
        If this is a game changer, then other companies will follow soon...
        That's my opinion and I'm stick'n to it...
        ...till I change my mind.


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          I bought one for my brother last Christmas. He's a cheap one and will spend all sorts of money on a high end rifle, but fudge on optics. He has an AR10 that had a crap scope. I got him that Strike Eagle and he loves it.
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