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    Originally posted by Snuffy View Post
    May be a dumb question but what the hell is a CQB?
    Close Quarters Battle. The CBQ SOCOM is a 16" designed to operate in an environment that the M4 works well in but with far more power.
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      Close Quarter Combat.
      My two nephews, one retired Ranger, the other retired some type of special ops have used/test a bunch of different optics in combat.
      They both recommend ACOG and EOtech. Proven in combat.
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        golong Have no fear about which rifle it's going on. I purchased a new CQB SOCOM rifle and it's already beating me up with accessories. I'm looking at extending the rail on it with this guy: Still trying to get used to the cost of it.

        Also, I've thought about red dot optics as well and to be honest, my issue is at 300Yards the dot will cover the target too much. Hence why I think the ECLAN might be my best option. I like the idea of 1.5x for up close stuff and the 6x for anything not in front of me. Here are the upgrades I've already got planned, just paying for them is the problem.

        1. Replace front sight/gas plug assembly so I can get a threaded barrel: Smith Enterprises makes this part for $80
        2. Put on the above handguard/rail from $329 This extends the picatinny rail 2" past the rear sights to align with back of receiver.
        3. Item #3 allows me to use ECLAN or any other short eye relief optic
        4. Most likely will need cheek riser, but we shall see...not really making a bench rifle here.
        5. Debating 45 degree canted irons
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