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A couple adult beverage's to impress the lady's with for the upcoming holidays...

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  • A couple adult beverage's to impress the lady's with for the upcoming holidays...

    We've been serving these two cocktails for a couple of years now and have received quiet some number of rave reviews for our mixology efforts...

    Peach and Tonic;
    This is a simple twist on the old standard, Gin and Tonic.
    2 ozs Gin (best straight out of the deep freezer)
    1-1/2 to 2 ozs ice cold Peach Brandy, Christian Brothers brand ONLY! (Warning DO NOT USE Paul Masson brand, unless you want to make someone sick!)
    8 to 10 ozs your favorite cold Tonic Water.
    Add a thin slice of fresh peach as garnish.

    The extremely lazy mans Eggnog mix;
    1 quart your favorite store bought brand of eggnog.
    Blend thoroughly to taste with 6-1/2 to not more than 8 ozs (a 20 to 25% mix ratio) of Apple Pie Moonshine. Drinks best nicely cold.

    We much prefer this brand of Apple Pie shine...

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    My former father in law used to make something he called Pie Schtingle. About Thanksgiving time he'd wash and sanitize a half gallon jug and pour a quart of Hiram Walkers Kentucky Bourbon in it. He'd add a couple of cans of peaches in it and top it off with the juice from the peach cans and vodka and add a couple of cinnamon stick,. This would get tightly corked and set in the back of the closet until Christmas eve at which point he'd strain the fruit out and serve it about midnight, Like drinking peach flavored fire. RD
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      I make a much less "lazy" egg nog, but I like my nog un-pasteurized, and I make it a year before I drink it.

      This makes 3 quarts, I usually make it twice so I lay up 6 quarts for next year (spare fridge in basement).

      Aged Egg Nog

      12 large eggs
      1 pound sugar
      1 pint half-n-half
      1 pint whole milk
      1 pint heavy cream
      1 cup Jamaican rum
      1 cup cognac
      1 cup bourbon
      1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg (plus more for serving)
      1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

      Separate the eggs and store the whites for another purpose (you can freeze whites in ice cube trays, then ziploc-bag for future use)

      Beat the yolks with the sugar and nutmeg in a large mixing bowl until the mixture lightens in color and falls off the whisk in a solid "ribbon."

      Combine dairy, booze and salt in a second bowl or pitcher and then slowly beat into the egg mixture.

      Move to a large glass jar (or a couple of smaller ones) and store in the fridge for a minimum of 2 weeks. A month would be better, and two better still.
      In fact, there's nothing that says you couldn't age it a year, but I've just never been able to wait that long. (And yes, you can also drink it right away.)
      [Yes, I typically wait at least 10 months].

      Serve in mugs or cups topped with a little extra nutmeg grated right on top.