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    I prefer to maintain my knives rather than sharpen them. I use leather strops, loaded with various grades of fine abrasive. I don't let my knives get dull and when they get some use I use the strops to keep them at peak useful sharpness. I enjoy the work— it's almost meditative, and certainly pleasant.
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      I'm at the low end of knowledge in this conversation. I've put handles 5 sets, of 6 per set, Green River Knives for kitchen use for myself and my kids. All I know is it's carbon steel. I learned long ago that carbon steel is durable and easy to sharpen. Even my pocket knife has to be carbon steel because I want to know it's going to be sharp when I need it. I butcher whole chickens, cure my own bacon and used to butcher the pigs i hunted. These knives have served my need very well. They may not be pretty but functional is more important. Even my kids say they are far superior to the kitchen knives they got as wedding presants.
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        There was a picture on the S&W forum of a knife made from a 12" circular saw blade. Don't remember anything about it except the maker said it was a B----h cutting out the pattern. I have some broken blades from a Wood Mizer that's a "roundtoit" project for a small knife. They have to be decent steel to handle the cutting they do.
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