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Awesome field dressing kit

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  • Awesome field dressing kit

    I picked this outdoor edge knife and saw combo up a few weeks ago and used it on the 3 deer I took and I'm impressed with it. Field dressed those deer faster than I ever had before. Replaceable blades are like razors. Saw rips open the rib cage in a few strokes. Son liked it so much he bought one when he got back

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    That's a nice looking set-up.


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      Nice, but I have never needed anything other than a good sharp pocket knife.


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        Looks interesting. People are so inventive. I guess I am just stuck in my ways and use a sharp knife though.
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          I do not hunt any more.... but eldest son and several nephews still do every year..I send stocking suffers to them from Havalon

          I use a lot of Havalon scalpel sharp knives in the Model airplane hobby


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            Sharp knives are always good and these replaceable blade ones are super good to have in your kit. Most won't go through the sternum so you need something with more backbone. I used to take my buck and just bang on it with a branch but over time I decided a good short saw was the answer and am now carrying Gerber's entry into that field.