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Ruger Security Six trigger return spring.

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  • Ruger Security Six trigger return spring.

    In the early 1970's I bought myself a stainless 4in Ruger Security six. Being an adventurous twenty three, I took one coil off the trigger return spring. Well, after several thousand rounds, last weekend it gave up the ghost. Does anyone out there.know where I can purchase another stainless trigger spring? (Ruger offered this As the Speed six, the Service six and the Security six.) Are stainless springs available from Wollf? Numrich lists them but says sold out.

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    I got one from Wolfe for my Security-Six. Wolfe SKU17135, $5.99.


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      I agree, go with Wolff. Installing one was the best thing I ever did for my Security-Six. Makes for a better pull, and no worries about a cut spring compressing over time.
      I'd also add a reduced power mainspring as well, also helps. The bad news is everybody seems to be out of stock on both springs right now, probably production runs on an as needed basis Might contact Wolff directly, and see when (and if) they will make another run.
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        I went to a couple of sites. Finally went directly to Wollf's. They HAVE the springs on the shelf. I've always heard how good Wollf's is. Will post when I get them.


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          Well my springs came by USPS today. Total cost for three springs $13.99, shipping included. Took me about an hour to replace it.. Bought spares just in case. Don't feel so lost now. Wolff's kept me updated about my order. Good costumer relations.