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  • Ruger Black Hawk redo

    So as many here remember, I did the triggers on two different, Black Hawks a year or so back, the 45 Bisley came out perfect, but the older .357 had a little bit of creep in the pull. So tore it down, and broke some more edges, and then split up the shims to both sides of the trigger instead of one, that was the only difference between the too jobs. It was fighting me the whole way, getting the .002 shim between the pawl and the trigger, was to say the least a challenge, ruined two shim's, the pin would catch the edge on the pawl, and then hang up, rolling the edge and I would have to start again. To solve it mounted the pin in a drill, took a fine diamond hone and polished and took the edge off it.Work out fine, a clean crisp pull! But it took some time.
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    I will agree Blackhawks take a bit of tuning, some a lot more than others. But since disassembly and assembly is so easy they are fun to work on, at least I think so. Shimming can take a bit of trial and error along with polishing to get everything to play nicely. I regularly tinker with mine just to try different stuff. One of the things I like to do to the standard Blackhawk is install the wide spur Super Blackhawk hammer, I think it feels better with my big thumb.


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      I thought the trigger on my NM super bh was nice. Till I put the original parts back in my om super. My nm bearcat had the hammer binding bad on one side. Had to shim it over to center.
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        Originally posted by cylinderman View Post
        I will agree Blackhawks take a bit of tuning,
        I have a pile of Rugers. They all need a bit of tuning. But so do most of the firearms available.

        The up side is that with a modestly equipped work area you can do most, if not all of the remedy yourself.

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          I am going to take it out to the range here soon see how it feels then go from there, dry firing it feels like the first one has creep then it's where it needs to be, some range time will tell me.
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