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    Local smith died.

    How difficult would it be to BEND a bolt handle on a 22 Marlin.

    It has a big curve and doesn't clear the scope. I don't have bending blocks nor a acy torch.

    Anyone do this?

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    I would consider cutting it off where it goes from square to round. Reshape it,maybe even have it tig welded on upside down. Less heat on the bolt.
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      Good thought Wheez. thanks


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        The direct answer to your question is: No way to tell, since nothing is known about the heat treatment or alloy the bolt is built from. If it is in a brittle condition, you break it while bending. If soft (in the sense of malleable) a bend might be very successful. All that said, wheezer is right, cut it off at a "convenient" point and weld or silver solder it where you want it. Might be time to find a new smith with the necessary skills if you don't have them. Controlling heat on the bolt body is critical.
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          Most likely the root of the handle is the only locking lug. Post a picture of the gun please.
          I was raised in the 50\'s on jackrabbits and gunpowder.salt and pepper wooda made\'em taste better


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            Yes, Wheez. The square shank of the handle IS the only locking lug. So weilding there probably isn't a good thing.


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              I built a Mosin M91/30 "sniper" and had to extend and bend the bolt. You cold possibly use the method I used. Cut the bolt at the base of the square lug, and drill a hole that measures whatever bolt diameter you want, 5/16 or 3/8 inch probably. Cut a steel rod longer than the bolt handle you want, heat and bend to the proper angle Cut the knob off the existing cut off bolt handle, drill the appropriate size hole in it. Either weld or hard solder the new handle into the hole drilled into the lug, be sure it is the length you want, then slip the knob with the drilled hole onto the new handle, and we/d/hard solder it in place. Actually, for a 22 rimfire, you could probably get away using one of the high strength steel epoxy products that are on the market now. Just be sure the hoes and handle are properly cleaned and degreased.
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                On 22 bolt guns, that square shank is the locking lug. Drill/tap would seriously weaken it. Cold bending seem to be the only way I can think off to keep that square at it's present met/hardening.


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                  Bear, I have soldered SxS shotgun ribs back onto the barrels without melting the under rib solder by laying the barrels on a soaking wet towel as a heat sink. You simply need some type of heat sink to keep the lug cool. In my head I'm picturing that lug to be about 1/4 to 5/16 square. If you took a couple of 6" pieces of 3/8" aluminum stock and drilled a couple of holes in it to clamp the pieces around the lug, picture a tap wrench handle, it might pull enough heat away to allow hot bending of the handle, especially if you were using a quick heating source like a MAPP gas or acetylene torch.

                  Another thought is how is that lug fastened to the bolt? Is it all a single turned assembly or welded on? I had a .22 that had the lug turned round on the root end and simply pressed into a round hole in the bolt. It was a real challenge to find a way to secure it back into place when it fell out one day. I traded it to someone who was going to try silver soldering it in place. I don't know the outcome of that project. RD
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                    I may be wrong, but I had a 22 bolt gun, I think a Rem 512, that the bolt handle screwed into the lug. Might look there first for a possible solution.
                    I'd try clamping the lug in a vise jaw and applying pressure to bend the handle. Be kinda tricky to get the lug in the vise with the bolt on it, but maybe....
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