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Uberti 1860 Army .44 cal - .451 ball ok?

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  • Uberti 1860 Army .44 cal - .451 ball ok?

    Uberti says .454, but since I already had some .451, I tried them. They shaved off a sliver of lead when seating and seemed pretty accurate once I got the powder charge right. I started with 22 gns of Pyrodex and was all over the target. Bumped it up to 25 and hit much better groups. Should I still get the .454's?

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    If you get the magic silver ring, the ball is tight enough. Too small a ball will allow a chainfire, the flash gets past the ball and ignites the powder the next chamber (or 2 or 3!).
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      Use the real black, cheaper and easier to clean, than the fake stuff. I found balls vary a lot by MFG, some are terrible and others like Hornady are beautiful. Of course home cast are best, I tried the conicals, they're a pain and not worth trouble. I use both .451 and .454, I can get away, with less than pure lead, with smaller ball.
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        RobertMT, what is less than pure lead? Zink weal weights?