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  • Guess I'm outta touch.

    I just found out yesterday that Thompson Center stopped making the Hawken rifle 8 years ago! How 'bout that? Shows how close I pay attention to the gun market anymore... Oh well. Reckon I better hang onto mine huh? Nice brown barrel and such. Not like factory.
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    Funny enough Hickok45 on youtube just showcased his on youtube within the last day or two. He's a great shot, fun to watch too!


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      That's where I heard about the rifle being discontinued. Had one back in the early 70's and really enjoyed it. My father bought a T/C Hawken kit, but never built it. I later inherited it. When assigned to the armory at the PD for a few months, I built the rifle and browned the barrel rather than blue it like everyone else. The armory/range Lt didn't mind. He balked a bit about shooting a .50cal on the range but I was able to convince him it was less damaging that the 308Win SWAT used there.

      First few rounds and it was zeroed. The Lt wanted a crack at it. He fired the remaining powder and rounds I had. Was like a kid with a new toy. A week later he walks into the armory with a new .50cal T/C Hawken kit. He wanted me to build it, but I said that's half the joy of it doing it yourself. He did build it with my help. He bought Pyrodex [mistake!] And learned the fine points of the weapon over the next few days. The N. Div. Commander dropped in when he heard the big booms from the academy close by. The Capt was an old friend. He shot both rifles and picked on the Lt about the finishing on his compared to mine. Watched as we cleaned up and swore he likes cartridge weapons for convenience, but the ML rifles were cool just the same. He did manage a 3" three shot group off the bag at 100yds, with cleaning patch between shots. Not bad for his first time with a front stuffer!

      Oh well, there's lots of these rifles out there, and many similar being made. All the same though, I don't think I'll sell or trade this one like I did the first. Too many memories in this one.
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      Remember, the last thing a man wants to do is the last thing he does.


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        I think they're beautiful rifles.

        What other youtube gun-channels are you into?


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          Sad that they are not making them anymore. I have an older one in .50. (Also one of those rare .45 Senecas.) Trouble is my eyes have a helluva time with iron sights any more and last year I broke down and got one of those hated inlines. But it was a T/C, too! Slapped a Sig-Sauer Romeo reddot on it and now I can SEE the sights for sure. I still like my traditionals way more, just can't shoot them as well as I can this new-fangled one.
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            Yup, had a .45 and a .36 Seneca. Both sold or traded. Can anyone say "Stupid"? And don't get me started on the originals I've lost....

            YouTube stuff? There's a young fella that really impressed me with his "wisdom beyond his years" work. Lad named Chris, at Regular Guy Training. He's one sharp young man. Most guys I see are knuckleheads talking stupid stuff, or so new at guns and such that they're guessing at things and of course, getting it wrong. And none of them ever been in a genuine shooting. But they strike some cute poses though!
            Remember, the last thing a man wants to do is the last thing he does.


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              Check out Forgotten Weapons! That's a great channel. Mostly about in depth history of individual firearms and their designer/developer the contracts and often times a general strip/disassembly and explanation of the internals.

              Iraqveteran8888 is also a decent channel from some of their smithing and reloading videos... they talk a lot about milsurps new scopes, handguns, rifles, to just fun videos of them melting down a cheaper AR upper on top of a full auto lower in a torture test. They also talk alot about protecting the second amendment and current legislation. (Pretty sure the 2 main guys are also Veterans)

              Paul Harrel is an interesting guy. He likes to put to shame a lot of rumors about caliber performance, as well as shooting statistics and defensive situations.

              Another good one for newer handgun reviews, and some rifles is Military Arms Channel.

              My favorite reloading specific channels are Johnny's reloading bench... by my favorite. Fortune Cookie 45LC is also a decent loading channel. Loads of bacon, Preachers day off, also both good channels. Panhandle precision is also a very good channel that focuses on LR shooting.


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                Yeah, those guys that melt rifles are funny!
                And I'll check into those you mentioned. They sound interesting. Thanks!

                I don't watch too much stuff as it really eats up air time. I get 10G a month. I'm also a musician, and I watch/listen to far too many others displaying their talent. Last month I went over four days before my auto renewal thing kicked in. No internet, no texts, just had basic phone since the phone is unlimited. But NOBODY ever calls anyone on the phone these days. Ya know, it was the most peaceful half-week of my life!

                Again, I appreciate the info on the channels (I think that's what they're called), and will take a peek at a few.
                Remember, the last thing a man wants to do is the last thing he does.


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                  I like Fortune Cookie 45LC also.

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