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Anyone make their own BP?

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    Just loaded up 17 .45-70 cases with homebrewed B P , 65gr of some sort of F so will give them a try at 50m , It`s not hard to do.
    While there`s bullets in the air, there`s hope!


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      Two ounces at a time? Doesn’t seem worth the trouble..
      I have made my own BP (just to understand the process, in case I ever really needed to make more). I have used the ball mill method and I have used the CIA method.
      The ball mill made the better product. The CIA stuff was not terribly different than pulverone.
      I disagree that making one’s own BP is a simple task. Assembling the ingredients, measuring them out, mxing them, wetting them down.......all these are simple enough.. need a ball mill. You need a safe place to put the ball mill while it runs for several hours. When the mix is thoroughly integrated, you need to corn it and then dry it.
      Collectively, this is a lot of work.


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        The 2 oz method is of my own choosing. It measures well for the components and renders a manageable size ball for shredding. And yes, it is quite simple and easy.

        I have no idea what Pete D. is talking about. Sounds extremely complex and time consuming.
        No offense Pete.

        My three stage powder stuff with a mortar and pestle. Wet the powders, mix wet, and press it a ball. Then run it across a screen, catching the flakes on paper to dry is about a half hour job, and quite easy. But then again, I'm making my own for my use, not an entire village.

        Most folks are paranoid about making BP. They have an unwarranted fear of blowing up. Now I'm sure if Bubba came along with the stuff tossed into a blender and his beer consumption was quite high, Bubba would blow the kitchen outta his mom's singlewide!
        Remember, the last thing a man wants to do is the last thing he does.


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          Hard to believe in 64 years I never shot nor owned a BP weapon

          Mild prepper...IE I try to keep enough STUFF on hand to suffer through a few months of civil collapse and NOT be a burden on the system

          I also have enough components to produce several thousand cartridges in my calibers as well as a goodly stockpile of factory 22LR and 5.56

          I assume there are recipes for BP in metalic reloading like 45 colt

          perhaps I just need a few pounds of commercial there a recommended BP for what I thinking?........Please do not answer with acronyms...I do not know FF from Hand ground BP


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            Have you ever seen the book "The ABC's of Reloading"? The guy who wrote it lost both arms in a black powder explosion when he was young. I just don't know why somebody would need to make BP in this day and age, when it's so readily available.
            "Beware the fury of a patient man." - John Dryden


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              First of all, its not available in my area. Its simply not stocked anywhere in a 100 mi radius or more. I use American Pioneer Powder as my substitute. When it gets low, and hard to find , I make my own. And like I said earlier, many folks have an unwarranted fear of blowing themselves up with black powder. Even in small amounts. It all boils down to what one is taught, or presumes, to be real. Myself, I've been using BP since Eisenhower was in the White House.
              Remember, the last thing a man wants to do is the last thing he does.


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                in my case it is just a skill I tend to think has several applications if we do get into a extended crap hits the fan scenario...unlikley BUT knowing CPR is also a good skill to have as well as preparing GAME to cook, preserve and EAT....I rate it up in the "how to boil water to be safe" skill sets.....also, the 30 LBS of GOREX-- my son can not pack (volume and weight) to our bug out meet up location.....knowing how to do many skills can only enhance SHTF future probabilities....IMO
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