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Anyone make their own BP?

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    Kit you have been frustrated since you asked the question.

    Dad and I mixed dry

    I said I do not have any BP weapons but would like to explore BP in Metallic like 45 Colt or 45/70

    There are many practical uses for BP and variants for all sorts of today hobby sporting and well as good skill in SHTF events

    I take it you don't look up propellant and explosive recipes on would be amazed

    My Aluminum powder was tongue in cheek as highly refined Aluminum powder is used in many High Explosive recipes as well as Magnesium to make Thermite type incendiary powders

    Yes there are sources to by almost anything on line...I can even buy University grade Nuclear isotopes with the right credentials

    Model rocketry has probably the most legitimate web presence with many recipes ...I am intrigued with Sugar base propellants
    The do a pretty good job of describing the Rocket tubes and Nozzles and real well defined what not to do to make it GO BOOM...Hints for bomb makers if you will

    So your thread morphed... and so far it seem very few here blend their own BP for guns...

    But still a fun topic and lots to ponder and may play with some day...

    My rural pharmacy do not carry Potassium Nitrate..I have been told Hardware store Stump remover is close enough...any opinion sir?


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      My former profession placed me in the position of interviewing witnesses and victims. Nearly all would drift off into something that was completely unrelated. I constantly would be forced to redirect the conversation back on topic. I have a very analytical mind. No issues on focus of details and events. Thus you must forgive me as I am much like Sgt Joe Friday. "Just the facts, ma'am." was often not a line from Dragnet. As I've aged, this conversation drifting of others, has taxed my nerves a bit. A conversation with Drunk Neighbor can become a nightmare. Further, he speaks at a deafening volume. Often times I just stop talking, or walk away. Here, I thing I'll just walk away from the post and go onto something else in the forum. Probably a good idea. No harm. No foul.
      "There's not a problem I can't resolve with a good lefthook or a slug from a .45."

      Kit Fox. aka; the Angry Ranger.


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        Kit: I hope that you do come back. I was hoping that you would clarify your recipe for BP. When you posted it, it was KNO3 and charcoal and water. Is that correct?
        No sulfur?
        Pete this late date....
        I have no idea what Pete D. is talking about. Sounds extremely complex and time consuming.
        That was about my description of using a ball mill to make BP. I was surprised......the use of a ball mill to make BP is classic procedure, documented over time. It is basically how the major manufacturers do it...on a much larger scale and nowadays by remote control. It is THE way of avoiding ending up with unincorporated power ---"green" powder/polverone.
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          Could never get past the grinding up step.
          It was done with wooden tooling back in the day.
          And rightly viewed as the most dangerous part of the process.
          Until that point everything was done wet.
          At that point the now dried cakes are ground into powder of the desired grade.
          My Uncle had some of the old wooden tooling that was used.
          A flat wood disk and a conical wood rod.
          Rotate the disk using water power and grind the powder between the disk and the conical rod.

          It has to rank up their with handling priming compound.
          Everything is wet and very safe until the pellets are dried in the priming cups.
          Similar to how percussion caps are made.

          Keep it wet as long as possible.