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Recommendation for blackpowder bore cleaner.

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  • Recommendation for blackpowder bore cleaner.

    Looking for recommendations for a bore cleaner for my inline muzzleloader. I shoot pyrodex and xtp with plastic sabot
    normally I run a bore snake every 3 shots but need something to get the grime out at the end of the day.
    thank you.

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    Buddy of mine used all kinds of things and he went through a lot of swabs and it was still dirty.
    For years all I used was hot water with dawn dish soap in it and squirt some soap down the barrel and get the bore mop out stick the barrel muzzle into the the bucket and swab all the way down then all the way up ..pumping action will pull the soap and water up the barrel. do that a dozen times and rinse with hot water then swab it dry and clean I use a brush with paper towels or cut T shirt on it.

    I then us a lube inside the barrel CLP actually now and swab that and reapply and swab again.

    I got away from TC1000 bore butter as it was leaving a crud ring when firing. I noticed it after a buddy told me to quit using it .. there are many of us that quit that stuff years ago.
    I do have patches I made and mixed coconut oil and hard candle wax paraffin probably.
    Those patches are for round ball.
    I also make leather over powder wads from thick leather like Belt leather or thicker and soak it in the wax and coconut oil I heated on the stove to just liquid state.

    I shoot 777 and pyrodex RS in my muzzle loaders, loose powder.
    I clean my side lock in a bucket also but the nipple gets pulled and barrel removed from stock and nipple opening and end of barrel is under water.
    Then start swabbing.

    If you do not want it that clean you can keep a jar of T shirt patches with ammonia free glass cleaner in the jar.
    Use those for swabs until clean then oil patch and swab dry.
    I keep a jar of those handy when muzzle loader hunting

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      Looking for something I can use while at the range. I have done the hot water and soap thing on my percussion rifle not on my in-line


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        Hot water and Murphy's oil soap as above then oil with Ballistol for a really good cleaning . I never use a petroleum based products in the bore of a Muzzleloader .

        You can also make a bore swab liquid with Ballistol and water for bore wipe to cut the crud between shots when using pyrodex .
        1 part Ballistol to 2 parts water .I think they even list that in their uses directions.
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          At the range I use patches wetted with 90-100% alcohol. I run one down every few shots. This has always worked for me.


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            I haven't tried it but Mike Venturino wrote that he used plain old Windex to clean his black powder guns and he shoots some very expensive Sharps clones. I haven't tried it as I haven't fired a muzzle loader since I dropped out of the Hunter Ed program in 2016.
            Paul B.


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              If you're seeking something that is flat out simple and fast, consider a NON-chlorinated and NON-ammonia based household cleaner like Fantastic, vinegar windex, or my personal favorite; Fabuloso [a concentrated fluid that you can mix with water for multiple uses. And it leaves no residue.]. Spray the liquid down the bore or soak a bore mop and just go after it. A dry patch, and load up and shoot. Proper cleaning at the end of the day would entail more involved cleaning followed with your choice of oil.
              *Bear in mind; Pyrodex is extremely corrosive! Way worse than black powder. Left unattended for a day and its etching every piece of metal beneath it's fouling residue. 48 hours with moderate humidity, its seriously dissolving your bore and chamber[s]. So do clean Pyrodex fouling with extra vigor and care. It's nasty!*
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                Originally posted by Pete D. View Post
                At the range I use patches wetted with 90-100% alcohol. I run one down every few shots. This has always worked for me.
                This . Something that cuts water soluble crud and evaporates quickly..
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                  Years ago we used plain old laundry detergent with scalding hot water in a bucket. Used the rod and patch / brush to suck it in through the nipple and back out. Rinsed in boiling hot water and it self dried in seconds. Then oiled with whatever. Has always seemed to work well and dirt cheap too.


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                    Late to party, here is a long list of products that you can make, including BP bore cleaner.
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                      I probably should let ya’ll know what I ended up doing.
                      i actually had the chance to fire my tc impact few weeks ago. The accuracy of that < $300 gun befuddles me every time... regardless of the bullets I feed it. Simply amazing.

                      Any hoot I ran a t17 patch every 2 shots than a few dries. When I was done shooting I ran a t17 patch and a bore snake. This was just to hold me over till I got a chance to clean it throughly. I tried a few patches soaked in vinegar windex, ran a brush a few times, few more windex patches., couple more dry patches. The last few dry patches came out clean.
                      Damn barrell was squeaky clean. Bore mop soaked in Ballistol and I was done.
                      I fired a total of 8 shots that day. IMO cleaning wasn’t much of a headache as it usually was. Could be the cleaning every second shot. The vinegar windex is easy to work with. Smells pretty good too. When I get a chance I will scope the bore.


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                        Try American Pioneer Powder . I use their FFFG in my pistol and it just wipes out of the cylinder with a Q-tip. Very easy cleanup.


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                          Windex at the range. Works great.


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                            I've run plenty of recommended products through the barrels of my BP cartridge rifles, they all work well. I finally settled on Birchwood Casey BP solvent as I don't have to mix anything up. Alot of folks still stay away from any petroleum products (they fear an adverse reaction with BP fouling for some reason) which has never happened to me. Boresnakes during a match, and afterwards to get most of the fouling out. Wet patches for final cleaning, and then run Kroil soaked patches a couple times. The barrels are still pristine after probably 10K rounds. Ballistol works as good as anything, but I just don't want my rifles smelling like a wet dog. I need to get over to my brother-in-laws place and look at his inline. He loaned it to a guy and the fellow didn't clean it up, he was using a BP substitute, and I understand that stuff can be far more damaging to a barrel than BP if left uncleaned. I'm interested to see what the Borecam reveals.

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