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I won the last competition of the year.

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  • I won the last competition of the year.

    We had five targets at this meet, eight shots at each target. 200 yards is free hand-I got two hits, 300 yards-eight hits, 400 yards-seven hits, 500 yards-seven hits, 750 yards-three hits.
    On a good day I can hit the 750 every time, they moved the target, everybody's having a hard time seeing the Buffalo through there sites now, they painted it white this time that helped - some folks.
    I suck at freehand that heavy 34 inch barrel it is hard to hold up.
    The targets are always in the shade here, it was cloudy light sprinkle at times. Next year we will get our 100 back up and a new 600 yard Target.

    I have not been on here for a while we've been going to Mayo clinic, we will go back in November. I missed a couple competitions this year because of medical reasons, next year should be better.
    I think I have all the issues with my 4570 sharps worked out now, Time will tell.
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    Hoke sights
    My rifle slipped out of my hands after running a patch through, I bent the sights, I mailed them back Tim hook replaced the bad parts and re-engraved everything.
    It's a lot easier to see the marks on my sites now they sure do good work there.


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      Congratulations. That's good shootin'.

      And best of luck with that med stuff, too.
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        Well done and what he said^^^^^^
        -Remote locations are cheap insurance.
        -There are two kinds of ships: Submarines and targets


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          Sound's like you end the years right, good luck with the other.
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