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  • Flintlock suggestions

    Lookingn to buy a left handed flintlock rifle. Hawkens style preferably. I prefer a .50 cal over a .54 bit will consider either.
    Any suggestions other than the Lyman Deerstalker???? From what I have heard they arent made too great although havent read any complaints about accuracy

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    Check out Track of the Wolf. They might have something or maybe could direct you.
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      Track of the Wolf or Jim Chambers Flintlocks. I built a fowler with Chambers parts, they are the best on the market, IMMO.
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        Lyman 1-60 twist, traditions has ora 1-66 twist and pedasoli is 1-48 twist.


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          I believe that the 1-60 and 1-66 are for round ball use only. The 1-48 will stabilize some of the shorter"Bullet" type projectiles. I tried some sabot rounds using pistol bullets in my Mowrey Ethan Allen .54 caliber with 1-66 twist and got 2 foot groups with some bullets hitting sideways.
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            Try to buy a used thompson Center Hawken flinter. They were all american made with excellent metal. Most all other will be foreign made (spain, italy, or brazil) and the metals, especially the frizzen will be of inferier metal and hardening.

            I have 4 BP rifles (45/50/54/58). I have shot minnie, and round balls. there are no 50 cal minnies avaiable; but you can mold some. , Patched round balls have been the most accurate for me. My 1:48 45 cal shoots patched rroundballs very, very well. And it handles the .45 minnie 248 gr perfectly.

            At one time I did a lot of re-in-actment and mountain man games. Now mainly hunt, strongly prefering flint over cap locks.

            Flintlocks are way more dificult to shoot than caplocks or in-lines. Been hunting with a flint for deer, etc since 1970 great. On hooked breech rifles like the Hawken design barrel interchange quickly. I have a 20 ga smooth bore shotgun barrel; it has taken many ducks and turkeys. Once you master loading you specific flintlock so it fire everytime, you will never want to shoot other BP.

            in lines are not allowed in my house...just a way around hunting laws NC .

            My 2 cents



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              If you're looking for one to shoot sabots only. Pedasoli makes a 1-32 but it is up there in price.. around 1200.00


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                Many of the flinters available have cheap locks, fitted poorly. They can be "tuned" but you will often need to heat and bend, then re-harden the hammer, and replace the frizzen. The Lyman Mountain Rifles used to be very good, and came with a twist for a round ball. Hornady makes a very short swaged bullet for slow twist rifling that works well for those not wanting a patch.

                The alternatives are not cheap, but they usually work just fine. Track of the Wolf is a very good source, Tennessee Valley Mountain Rifles has kits at various levels, (not cheap, BTW), and will build one for you. Kits are a couple months out from order, rifles can be a year or more. That's not unusual for quality replicas made to order.
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