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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge ancientriflesmith. You could probably charge admission for a tour of your reloading room!
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      I cast for more years than I can count over a Coleman stove with pot and dipper. I've also gone through two 10 pound Lee pots and two Lyman Mag 20s purchased second hand. I now have a Lyman Mag 25 my daughter gave me as a Christmas present. Consider this a a product review. What was the idiot that design that pot thinking, or should smoking be the point of the question? The adjustable "table is a good idea but try and run a 4 cavity Lyman or SAECO mold under the spout with it even when lowered to its lowest level. I had to remove the table to use those molds. Want to slide and ingot mold under the spout to drain the pot to change alloys? IMPOSSIBLE! Even the smaller LEE ingot molds can hardly fit when placed in sideways and then only two of the cavities can be filled, literally taking forever. Even with the table, or platform if you prefer is lowered to its lowest level, two cavity mold are somewhat crowded.

      Frankly, in 64 years of casting bullets from using a stove, pot and dipper to Lyman's latest, even working with a very old Potter casting pot was better than the mag 25. Casting with the Potter was plug it until the lead was getting too hot, pull the plug for a while then plug it back in. A royal PITA. If I were to go with another Lyman, it would be the mag 20, not the 25. At least I can place my ingot molds from Lee, Lyman, RCBS and SAECO under the spout when changing alloys. That Mag 25 pot looks nice, has great features but just is no fun trying to work with and get any kind of production.
      Paul B.


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        I don't know if this will help or not........from Midway reviews.
        Pot's great! Mold guide sucks! NOE makes a replacement guide1 year ago

        By full.lead.taco

        From Utah

        Verified Reviewer
        Been using this pot for a few months now, and I like it. I would still buy it again even though the mold guide literally is a piece of garbage and will only work with Lyman molds (and maybe RCBS). The PID is a nice feature and keeps the lead melt at a constant temperature. That part works well. The spout sits back a little farther which makes it difficult to see--so you will want to raise the pot up a bit when casting. Luckily, NOE has designed a bullet mold guide replacement which makes this pot much more usable. With the replacement mold guide, this pot is great!
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