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Cast Bullet collapsed in PC??

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    Originally posted by mikld View Post
    Are you sure they are just a lead alloy? Some metals that appear to be lead have a lower melting point. I have used a lot of wheel weight alloy and some of my "mystery metal" (scrap, range and ??? lead) and I bake at 375-400 degrees for 20 minutes with no slumping/melting...
    I'm only guessing they are lead alloy only....I bought them cheap because they were old and the "True Line" brand is what is on the box. That said I now know the cause I just don't know the reason and frankly don't need to. I'll inspect then very carefully now as I load the remaining pieces. Below are two photos of what I've found.
    The first one is of a projectile before coating and baking. After finding that, I watched every 5 minutes during the baking process. Wow, at 11 minutes a "bulge" started forming on one of the bullets. I pulled it out, cooled it and put the Aircraft Stripper to it. You can see in the second photo what was happening. I may just toss the remaining into the melter and make fishing weights out of them....
    Thanks everybody.
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      Ahhhhh, voids, yep, I think you have it.


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        I learned early on in my foray into coating bullets it wasn't worth spending time with unknown alloys. For some reason I hate buying pure lead and tin but have no problem paying for wheel weights. This was the cause of my substandard coated bullets. Most of my shooting doesn't require the abilities of coated bullets so water dropped wheel weight alloy is what I use the most. Now if I am expecting something in particular I will spend the time and coat a known alloy or I will buy coated bullets from a reputable company.
        You stuck your foot in the Gaussian distribution part of the learning curve. If it was easy and not time consuming everyone would be doing it- as you are finding out. We can sit here and spew advice but it really is a learn by doing adventure.
        Endeavor to persevere.

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          Old thread,but. Weigh the bullets and coat those that are full weight.
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            Waking up old thread. But I'm new here.

            I had bullets melt after my first 2,000 or so. Alloy was stable, Brn 12-13. It took me a bit of time to figure it out.

            The top tray of bullets were melting. Two tray Oven. I stand my bullets on their bases. Takes longer, but it's My Way. Turned out the sun was heating up the shiny top of the oven. The separate Oven Thermometer was on the lower shelf, so it didn't read the temperature under the Roof of the Oven. Moved Oven out of the Sun.

            Problem solved.