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  • Cast .223 HP jig

    I've been casting .223 bullets for use in my Contender Carbine for some time. over the past couple of years I've been using a 57 grain Lyman 225462. I'm gas checking these bullets and sizing to .225 through a Lee push through sizer (AKA The Finger Pincher) then I either double lube them with Lee Alox/JPW mix or powder coat them. I'm loading them over 15 grains of Accurate 5744 for a book FPS of about 2300 fps. I have virtually no leading with this set up. The Contender is 1/12 twist. The alloy is Clip on Wheel weights with 2% tin added.
    I also cup the tips of the bullets after the round is loaded. The cupping seems to result in heavy hydrostatic effect. By cupping I mean a very shallow 1/8" hollow point that just knocks the round nose off of the bullet. This combo is as destructive on prairie dogs at 100 yards as any of the commercial jacketed bullets running 800 fps faster. With the Contender this makes a nice little walkabout rig for seeing what's over the next hill.

    I cup these bullets using a homemade jig from a 3/8" threaded rod coupling, a 3/8 x 1" Allen head bolt, and a piece of 30-30 Case body. I first drilled a 1/8" hole straight down through the bolt. The Allen head was tapered in the bottom, almost funnel like, so it was easy to center. Then I drilled a .25" hole in the threaded end of the bolt exactly 1/2" deep. This hole perfectly centers a loaded .223 neck especially when the shoulder snugs up against the hole. I screwed the bolt into one end of the coupler adding a washer as a finger stop when holding the coupler.

    I then drilled out the 3/8 threads in the other end of the coupler to accept the outside diameter of the tapered 30-30 body. The 30-30 body, depending on if it was sized after firing etc. will snug up on the outside of the .223 case. This may take a bit of experimentation as to case brand etc. I them used JB weld to hold the 30-30 case in the coupler. When this is all completed the .223 case is almost "chambered" in the jig.

    Once I have it all assembled I simply insert a loaded case into the jig and set it straight up and down on my drill press table. Using the same 1/8" bit that I used to drill the hole down through the bolt I set my drill press stop to just contact the nose to a depth of just over 1/16th". I turn on the press pull the handle down to lower the bit into the hole and cut the hollow point. I don't really even have to hang onto the case. The friction from the bit pressing on the bullet travels to the bolt head on the table and holds it solid. Of course on needs to be doubly sure that there are no protruding primers.
    Here's a pic to go along with the narrative and a look at the bullet end. RD
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20190615_163810266.jpg Views:	1 Size:	33.5 KB ID:	840183
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    Another view of the jig. You can see the 30-30 case and the 1/4" hole in the bottom of the bolt. I wish I had a lathe and the knowledge to operate it to get this set up perfectly. I suppose I could use an old .223 seating die and plug the top to drill a new hole for the drill bit. At any rate doing this with a .311291 bullet is next on my list. Should be a deer stomper. RD

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20190615_163936710.jpg Views:	3 Size:	31.8 KB ID:	840185
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    Every once in a while in life we need a policeman, a lawyer, a doctor and a preacher. We need a farmer three times a day, every day.

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      A buddy of mine casts 223's too.
      Not HP but he finds you gota keep them around 1800 fps to shoot well . I think he tempers them too.
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        Nice jig set up. thanks for the details Rock.


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          Nice write up Rockydog,and great pictures.

          I'm well into JB loads with Lee 55g,H4198,12T R700. Love shooting it.


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            I wonder how well a seater die with a drill guide and appropriate sized bit would work in a loading press? Guide would have to be a snug fit in the die; power the bit (stop equipped) with a cordless.....

            Run the loaded round up after seating and zap it.
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