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    The TC is a 243 with 4759 behind a RCBS 95g... running around 2200 fps. Tuned,if you miss..... it's on you. 1/2" groups @100. World class Tasco 3-12X50 that came into the shop,bent. Got it for free. After a bit of TLC.... it's holding it's own. Loaded to a slight jam.

    Old ADL R700 action mated to a takeoff 22-250 Sendero brrl in front. This shoots 55g Lee's @3000 fps into tiny holes. Got a trashy Simmons 3-10,that we spent some time with,on it. Honestly....the scope is a joke,considering the potential of the rig? The loading seems to be very tolerant..... meaning,pick a jacketed starting load and go with it. H4895 and Varget are normally what it gets fed.

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    Even though I grew up in Compton, CA, I don't know what a "ghetto rig" is...
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      I quit casting 22 caliber bullets. It almost demands using linotype metal and still the eject rate is high. The doen't mention the tact that my fat fingers don't always cooperate.
      Paul B.


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        I cast .22 cal bullets regularly. I use clip on wheel weights and 1-2% tin. They get gas checked prior to powder coating and sized and hollow pointed after the powder coat. A lot of work, but a lot of fun in a prairie dog town. Easily as explosive as any jacketed varmint bullet out there when run in a 1:12 twist barrel at about 2300 fps using 5744 powder. RD
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