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Hornady XTP Bullseye powder

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    Same here Robert.

    Every load I use an XTP atop is a "full-house" load, self-defense ammo, not target ammo., casefulls of much slower powders.

    In the little .380acp, I use Red Dot, actually faster than Bullseye
    On a relative burn rate chart,,, Red Dot is #8, Bullseye is #13, but .380 is a darned small case and it is a low-pressure loading.

    9mmP however is full of Vhitavouri N340 #37
    .45 Auto is filled with Vectan SP-2 (or VV-3N38) #49 (3N38 is Vhitavouri's version of Dynamit Nobell's SP2)
    If I was loading .357 with these............... I'd likely be running H11/W296 (#63/64), Accurate 1680 (#69), or others in that area
    If I was loading them for .38 Special use,,, it's probably be Power Pistol (#33) or something similar like Universal (#32)

    I very much like the bullet, but it's a mighty spendy way to make holes in paper............................................. .........


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      I agree that XTP's are a bit spendy for target / range use, so what I use is bulk jacketed bullets. MG's, RMR and some others can be found at very good prices. This way I can basically shoot the same full house loads I carry, but with much less expensive bullets, .06 - .07 each verses .18 - .20 a piece.

      I totally agree with Robert regarding powders. I'm not much of a fast burn powder type of guy, even when loading 38 spcl, I prefer powders such as HS6, Longshot and those which fall into the slow-ish side as per the cartridge.

      And for magnum stuff 2400 or H110/296 get my vote, I won't use a fast burner for any magnum cartridge, don't like the pressure issues when working up into max territory.



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        you have to use Hornady data for the XTP bullet in the 9mm.
        it seats lower in the case and using data for a speer or sierra will produce PROOF load pressures at the same OAL.


        • #19
          Among others, I've been using Sierra and Speer data with XTP's for, well,for as long as XTP's have been around. But I develop loads at a determined oal, never just jump into a max load without first doing some development, and I never shorten the oal without re-working the charge either.

          The only XTP that I've noticed seats deeper into the case is the 147 gr., but it's a boat tail, which is why it takes up more seated space.