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9mm with HS-6 Best choice?

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    I shoot IDPA locally and really look forward to matches. W231, WST and good old Bullseye are pretty popular here for 115 and 124 gr 9mm loads.
    Youll hear some serious action game shooters say these are too snappy or dirty or whatever, and they prefer some of the Vhit pistol powders, but these work well enough for me and those I shoot with.
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      I just read your post a again and saw that you're seeking target velocity loads, to which HS6 is a poor choice. This is why I run it, as I pretty much exclusively shoot / load full tilt self defense ammo.



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        No worries HBC, I do the same thing all too often. I can read something several times and miss things. Im a hands on kinda guy.
        That said, I have about 50 rds made with HS-6. Gives me enough to see how it goes from single shot to mag feed from 2 different pistols.
        Im basically trying to match the velocity of the factory ammo ive been using.
        If it doesnt work well at the velocity im looking for, and from the general consensus of the post, it probably won't. I can always load some JHP rds with it and go with a different powder.

        Chrono should be here Thursday so it will be a fun day learning to use it and seeing where these first loads come in at. As long as they cycle, Im calling it success for first loads.