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A Ring on my Brass? Headspace Issues

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  • A Ring on my Brass? Headspace Issues

    Replacing a sticky that disappereared in the site upgrade:

    Before the site upgrade we had a post similar to this one about Headspace in Cartridges. Hornady has a great way of explaining this. Their new site that started this week still links to the same information but in a little different format. Personally I liked the old explanation as it was, but things change. If you are having head separations or headspace issues go this link and carefully read the information there from start to finish, paying special attention to the part about headspace that starts right under the heading "Inside The Chamber".

    The original post dealt with a 220 Swift that was having headspace issues. In short, Because the Swift is a rimmed cartridge, if you set the headspace on the case shoulder back too far it will be pulled forward to the chamber shoulder with each firing. Usually, if you have set it back too far it will fail on the 3rd or 4th firing. You can get a facefull of gas or worse with these separations. You will, in all probability open the bolt and extract only the portion below the line and leave the rest of the case in the chamber. I've been there and done that.

    I'm not 100% sure that that is your problem but wouldn't be surprized if it is. As Paul said making a little L shaped hook to try and catch that ring inside will let you know that this is the problem. RD

    And take a look here and see if this looks familiar. Also a nice photo of a case checker.
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