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Factory crimp marks remain on PRVI brass after FL resizing, etc.. Any problem?

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  • Factory crimp marks remain on PRVI brass after FL resizing, etc.. Any problem?

    This case is once fired right out of my chamber....

    Click image for larger version

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    This is after FL resizing, trimming, conditioning, and reloaded.

    Click image for larger version

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    The crimp marks remain and I wonder if this is something that will contribute to neck splitting after only a couple of reloads (or just one).

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    I have not noticed it being an issue. I guess it would depend on the level of the load. I'm mostly a cast shooter so I tend to not stress brass too much. Just make sure to prep the mouth good, trim chamfer etc.


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      After a few shootings, resizings, and the requisite trimming,, it'll be gone.

      Not a problem.


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        happens with other brands too, no big deal.


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          That will " grow" out when you fire it a few times


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            I run everything at full tilt pressures and have yet to experience a split in that region. I've had splits at the shoulder neck junction, but that is unrelated to the factory crimps. Mine usually get trimmed of or just ironed out with a a few loads, turning helps a little bit also. Honestly though, I don't usually think about those crimp indentations, cause it doesn't really matter.



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              My brass never "grows" long enough to trim it off, nor do crimp marks ever "iron out" after repeated sizings. I never experience brass failures at the mouth of the case, only longitudinal neck splits after work hardening. The only way they will go away is to over-trim length, or outside trim neck diameter.