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    Yes! We've just saved another new hand loader from buying unnecessary tools.

    I liked that paragraph about starting powder charges with auto loading actions Damanoyed. Wow, I really can't count the number of hand loaders I've seen struggling with that one. It seems they come into this hobby with very high levels of fear regarding smokeless powders. Aside of the actions failing to fully cycle, if they're working with slow, slow burners or ball powders it can get a guy into some really serious trouble, the kind that blows guns up. They either stick a bullet in the barrel and without realizing it, they load a second round and pull the trigger, KB! Or they experience a phenomena that goes by various descriptive terms, commonly referred to as a detonation. And then there's collapsed case bodies, and gas blow back down the shoulders, primers backing out, ect, ect.. I think this is a good way of saying that published data is good, used accordingly, a hand loader can enjoy decades of trouble free fun.



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      Originally posted by Charley View Post
      Got him fixed up with a 5-0-5 and a RockChucker II. Should help get things started.
      They don't know what they don't know ....... no offense intended ..... Well done Charley


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        High BC
        You have that one dead on the button. However, after a few years of interesting hand loading, I think that there is not much wrong with going off the book as it were . No crazy stuff , just tippy toeing along in a miner of speaking. I like it but whatever floats your boat. Having said that I have a updated burn rate chart above the sun vizor of my truck. Just in case I happen to drive by a gun shop and they sell powders I am not familiar with.


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          And no I don't need help. I am quite happy where I am and going to the range tomorrow to try this 120 Gold Dot thing in my Grendel at last