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first batch of 308's

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  • first batch of 308's

    Hello everyone, New to reloading/handloading,

    I made a first batch of 308's using (so far) cheaper versions of supplies and not exceeding recommended loads.

    Speer 150 gr BT #2022 bullets,
    Hodgdon Benchmark powder (40 gr)
    CCI BR2 primers,
    single fired reused brass.
    total lenght 2.8" +/- 0.005 because its soft-tip and size varies.

    I shot about 20 rounds, expected velocity is around 2500 fts, yet I measured 2100's.

    I know I'm doing something wrong, just don't know what. Would it be safe to take those reloaded rounds and compress them to 2.79" and keep going every 0.01" untill velocity is what is expected?

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    how long is the barrel you are using? i'm new to reloading myself, so I won't have much insight, but I have seen where different length barrel from the manual can change velocity data.

    I run a 16 inch barrel on my 308, and even though I haven't speed checked them yet, I suspect they aren't as fast as what the manual data says. That being said, I'm getting 1/2 to 3/4 moa at 100 yards, so I'm fine with it!


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      Remington 700 VTR, 22" barrel, 1 - 10" twist.


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        CAUTION: This post discusses loads or load data that may or may not be appropriate for your gun or for the cartridge(s) and components mentioned. Due to typos, variations in guns and components, and the abilities and judgement of users of this data, neither the writer,, nor the staff of assume any liability for damage or injury resulting from using this information. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THE DESCRIBED LOADS without first working them up from a published safe starting level charge while watching for pressure signs. If you don't know how to do that please don't try, for your own safety and the safety of others.
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          The majority of the load data I have for 150 gran 308 with Benchmark calls for 39 to 43. Published velocities for max charge is 2819 from a 24" match barrel using e-tips. Most max velocities hang around 2700, and the lows around 2500.

          If you have not already done so, level and calibrate your scale, and make sure your chrono/manetospeed/etc. is setup properly. If all else fails, grab some factory ammo and see if the barrel is just stupid slow.

          EDIT: I should have added that accuracy with that bullet/powder combo yields relatively poor groups based on what I found (in the 1" range at 100 yards). I would look at H4895 capped with a 168.
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          Friends don't let friends shoot factory ammo.

          Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
          -Winston Churchill


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            If using a beam scale double check that you set the scale on 40 gr and not 30 gr.
            when I had a 308 win. I found rl 15 or 2000 MR gave me the best velocity and accuracy with 150 gr bullets.


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              And my use of 150's involves Win748 or BallC(2).


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                Normally the velocity that a person gets from a load will not be the same and most cases not close to what load data says they got. Reason is different firearms give different results.
                Go to youtube and look at videos on how to level and calibrate beam scale as golong recommends.
                I use Varget in my 308's with 155 gr and 168 gr bullets. Don't use 150's.
                Where did you get your load data from?
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                  Scale is new, digital, it came with calibrated 50 gr weight for reference. Powder amount came from powder manufacturer website, that corresponded with the weight of the bullet. Velocity was assumed from estimated velocity of the load data mentioned above.


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                    Well,,, velocity guesses are about as useful as teats on a boar hog, that isn't necissarilly A Bad Thing,, it just is what it is.

                    I loaded a lot of perfectly accurate rifle ammo long years before I ever bought a Bullet Speedometer, so they are NOT a requirement to make accurate ammo.


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                      I don't sweat the velocity, as long as the performance is what I need. Don't have a chrono. Everything in the load data is nothing more than the results of their laboratory tests with laboratory conditions and equipment. Chasing their results is an exercise in futility. You don't have their resources or equipment. What is the intended purpose for your load? Why do you think you need higher velocity? I load 150s in my 308. It's a hunting load so I use Accubonds and Varget. My stock 700 shoots 1/2 moa at 100 yards. I have no idea what my actual velocity is my guess would be 2600 fps. I'm at 45.0 grains.
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                        I am an engineer in nature, so my attempt was to re-create the results failry close. Rounds are for target shooting, not hunting. When I didn't get same results, I assumed I'm doing something wrong


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                          This hobby can drive engineers batty.


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                            Try either IMR 4064 or IMR 4166 for 150's. My 308 shoots small groups. with either one with Hornady 150 gn Interlock hunting bullets. The 4166 really shines in my rifle with Sierra round nose 150's which was a complete surprise for me. I also RARELY find my best accuracy at high velocity and the norm is closer to the bottom end. Unless you need the extra velocity for hunting or extreme long range shooting don't get too obsessed with it. If strictly target shooting you should try some 168 gn Amax's. My Savage FP loves the hell out of those things. Benchmark is a great powder, but in my case I only use it in my 223. I probably should do a little more experimentation with it in the 308.
                            Try loading 5 rounds each at book C.O.A.L. , starting at the bottom and go up in .5 gn increments till you either see too much pressure or reach max before you start playing with seating depths. then take the best group and seat .020" shorter and see if anything improves. Before you go longer it is a good idea to see exactly what the base to ogive measurement is at the lands. You'd be surprised at how well some bullets like to jump long distances vs being seated long. at the lands, but each rifle/combo is different. My 204 Ruger won't shoot without at least an .080" jump
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                              Your components are probably not the exact same (same manufacturing lot) as what the lab tech use. Plus your gun is way different than the test equipment the lab uses. Temperatures and methods are probably a bit different too.,so I would be surprised if my handload's velocities are the same as listed in my manuals. Reloading manuals are not exact formula, just the published results a lab got with their components and on their equipment.

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