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Case neck brushes?

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  • Case neck brushes?

    Hello reloaders,

    My first post is a question... I’m just getting started and familiarizing myself with terms, tools, parts etc.

    Is there any difference between a case neck brush and a barrel cleaning brush?

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    Case neck brushes have nylon bristles while rifle bore brushes are some alloy of brass or bronze, usually. Nylon case neck brushes used for brushing carbon and fouling from inside the case necks and also used to apply case lube to the inside of necks. I roll my RCBS case neck brush on my lube pad to pick up lube and then apply lube to inside of rifle case necks with the brush before sizing. As with bore brushes the case neck brushes come in different sizes for different calibers. There are exceptions such as Hornady's bronze case neck brushes and for instance some stainless steel bore brushes. I'd recommend nylon bristle case neck brushes and only brass-bronze bore brushes. Bore brushes will be to tight in case necks and may scratch brass case necks while Hornady's bronze case neck brushes are too small diameter for a bore as I have read?
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      I use both nylon and bronze bore brushes for case neck cleaning. I don't hardly use bore brushes for cleaning rifle bores.
      I use the bore brush directly on the case neck. If a worn down smaller bore brush, I wrap some 0000 steel wool and clean inside the case neck.
      Outside the case neck I use 0000 steel wool.
      Lube on inside case neck is via q-tips.
      Many ways to clean case necks and they are all good.
      When I use a bore brush to clean case necks, will not use them to clean bore.
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