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    Well I found someone greener than me when it comes to handloading, my son. Got him doing a little depriming some 9mm brass. anyone know if this counts as homeschooling?
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    That is great.
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      Sure should count for credit in:
      Math (from simple arithmetic to ballistic calcs)
      Home Economics (need I 'splain this?)
      and, with luck, Butcher Apprenticing and Culinary Training
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        Yes it counts! History and self sufficiency!
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          That's awesome brother, there is a host of valuable information to be learned in this hobby that can be applied to other aspects of this life. I have taught hand loading for better than 25 years, and the most challenging areas individuals have struggled with is without question weights and measures. So yes, I truly believe that it counts as home schooling. Unless someone has a background that exposed them to these elements of weights and measures, the average person has no clue as to how to read a dial caliper, or how to zero and operate a bean scale. As a matter of fact, I have a very long time friend who has never been able to read a measurement that's more than one digit behind the decimal.

          I have involved every single family member in my family to hand loading from as early an age as possible. So keep doing what you're doing brother, you're building a strong relationship with your son that's highly educational.



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            Hell yes!!! Good job brother that is definitely cool.

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              Pulling the handle to deprime is how I started out in about 1958. Pistol cases is how I started my kids and grandkids.
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                Of course it counts as home schooling. He will probably learn more at that bench then in our modern socialist indoctrination centers that they call schools these days.
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                  Great place to start the learning process. Keep up the encouragement.
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                    Originally posted by MUP View Post
                    Yes it counts! History and self sufficiency!
                    Neither of which are taught in school nowadays.


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                      We all have to get the young ones started, and keep them interested. Or it will fall by the way side. Well done.
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