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Smellier &Bellot Primers

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  • Smellier &Bellot Primers

    Anyone used them? I'm looking to keep costs down for some plinking reloads and Cabela's has these for $22 both small and large rifle and large pistol.
    id jump on the offer, but I'm leery about sub-par performance. I've used their pistol ammo with no issues and assume these are the primers used.

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    I have used them i 38/357 with good results.
    William Waco
    First reload:
    .22 Hornet - 1956


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      I have heard, they're slightly small, about like fed, so you don't want to use them for loose pockets, other than that good reports. Couple threads on castboolits on them.
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        I've used many thousands of these primers, both large pistol and small, and never had an issue or a failure to fire. They have always gone bang.
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