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  • Perfecta cases

    While at the range I picked up about 30 Perfecta cases in 308W Anyone here had any experience loading this stuff? Good/Bad? Worth loading some? I have a thing about not being able to walk past brass lying on the ground. Especially if in as neat of pile as this was.. Should I have ignored it?

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    I've found Perfecta brass to be anything but. I have not used it in .308, only .223, the flash holes are terrible, and overall the brass just isn't worth the time to salvage it into something useful. I set out to reload 50 once fired .223, and gave up after 7.


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      You won't know until you try it. I have used it before without any issues and all of what I reloaded was once fired range brass to the tune of 220 cases that I found on the ground and all of it was 308win.

      "Necessity is the mother of all inventions."


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        what I saw at Walmart was the cheapest rifle ammo had the name Perfecta.
        worth a try maybe, but no doubt at the opposite end of the quality spectrum from Lapua.


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          I think it's junk.


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            Yea, I figured as much. I can't seem to stop myself from picking up free brass though. I think I'll just use them to load the worst bullets culled out of a box as bore foulers . No sense using my good cases for those anyway.


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              With the few range pickups in .223 Rem I've seen the only negative has been off centered primer pocket flash holes. A few so off centered that they could bend decapping pins. Other than this they would be ok for plinking reloads.


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                I ran into some in 9mm and 38 spcl, some of the flash holes were way far off center. I've found some at the range that was split down the side also, and judging by the tell tail signs, it had been reloaded at least once.