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  • Best source for brass

    I’ve found several places, but where is the best place with price and quality in mind? And are there brands to avoid?

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    Depends on what you are looking for. I assume you are talking once fired? If so, pistol brass will pretty much always come mixed but try to avoid Blazer. For 5.56/308 AR brass just stick with LC. If swaging is a concern, then make sure you check the description or ask the seller before ordering. The last batches of used brass I purchased (over a year ago) had very few crimped primers, but I don't buy it frequently enough to know if that is a trend or not.

    When it comes to bolt rifle brass it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but it typically is better to start with new brass that is all from the same lot. Brand can end up being a Ford/Chevy/Dodge thing if you don't have specific concerns in mind.

    As far as where to get once fired from, Everglades Ammo is a good place to start, and there are a few sellers on Etsy are pretty good. Other options are pretty popular as well. But again, it depends on what you are looking for.
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      I buy all my once fired rifle brass from, always served me well.


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        If you are looking for new brass Starline is where I go for straight wall cases. Never had a problem with their brass. Although I've not used their new bottleneck offerings I'm sure that it will meet the standards of their overall quality reputation. RD
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          I've used many different Starline chamberings and all have been first-class. For handguns it is my brass of choice, every time.
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            I'll use just about any brand when reloading target ammo. There are some off brands that seem to have a harder time going through my resizing die, but generally it all goes through.

            I'll cast a vote for Starline too, its good stuff especially if you buy it brand new. But the already fired brass reloads nicely too. I've also never had issues with Federal or Winchester new brass.
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              Originally posted by Rockydog View Post
              If you are looking for new brass Starline is where I go for straight wall cases.
              And NOW Starline is supplying bottle neck cases, rounds based on the .223 and .308 parent. And it's real goo stuff. Just snagged 250 rounds of .7-08, and I'm fully supplied with .300 Ham'r brass, made by Starline for Wilson Combat.

              For "best" prices on anything brass, I need to filter through Midsouth Shooters, Natchez, Midway, Grafs, and a couple others. Any give combination from a single seller, usually a wash.
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                For my"prime" reloads I too use Starline. I've been reloading revolver ammo since '69 and found very little difference between case manufacturers. Out of habit, I often sort brass by headstamp, and when working up a load, I'll keep to the same brass. After a good load is found, I will try different brass,, but more often than not I find not enough difference to matter. I too have purchased "once fired" brass from with good results. I also bought from others and on all my orders I never got less then 98% good brass. I have tried reloading aluminum and steel, and managed to get some "workable"ammo, but case life is very, very short, and cases are often difficult to size so I leave those to the others that "want to see for myself"...
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                  Be wary of rifle brass that says it's pre-sized. I bought a bag of 'pre-sized' 223 brass years ago, trimmed what needed to be trimmed, and when I tried to put a dummy round or two into my case length gauge, it didn't even come close to fitting. dropped it into the AR chamber, same thing. Turned out the entire bad needed to be sized and once it was, the brass was fine. But I'll never buy anything like that again, I'd rather do it myself and make sure it's done right.
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                    Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place:
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                      For pistol brass I am not fussy.
                      For rifle brass it depends on the intended use. I Prefer new brass for most rifle calibers and have been called a brass snob when it comes to rifle. Lapua, Norma and Starline ( not necessarily in that order) make the Best rifle brass I have used. Nosler brass is good if you only are using one box, but if you buy more than one you will see the weight difference so buy something else IMO.
                      I do not like rifle brass used in other folks guns as I am always suspect that they left it laying on the range for the same reason I would, it has reached the end of its useful life.
                      Pistol brass has a much longer useful life and about 50% of the competitive pistol shooter only shoot factory ammo versus a very small % of competitive rifle shooters. Purely recreational shooters often use more factory ammo and handloaders often pick up every piece of brass they can use or trade for something they can use IME.
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