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    Originally posted by mikld View Post
    For what it's worth; there is a difference between "factory seconds" and "blems". I learned this the first time when I worked at a Goodyear shop in the '70s. A "blem" (blemished) is a product with a cosmetic defect, but otherwise 100% correct in dimensions, quality etc. A "factory second" is an item that does not quite meet factory quality standards/dimensions, and in the case of tires can be sold only if noted plainly (most were branded). Seconds may be out of tolerance in some dimension or weight but "close enough for government work". I have purchased many Nosler "blems", and after weighing, measuring and very close visual inspection, I was only able to find minor cosmetic flaws.
    Exactly, and Nosler states their "blems" are cosmetic only and do not affect performance, can say my results indicate that to be true. Shooter's Pro Shop is the exclusive distributor and I'm on their "alert me" mailing list. ;-)


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      I too occasionally order from Shooters pro shop and for the most part have had good luck with their blemished bullets. In case anyone might be interested they also offer 10% off if you are an honorably discharged veteran. Not a whole lot, but sure helps with shipping costs which are always an added pain.


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        Having taken the Sierra factory tour several times one of the stations I watched rather closely was the ladies doing the final inspections. The bullets go by them on a conveyer belt and their hands are continuously pulling bullets off the line into the seconds bin. Rather than just staring at them going by they pull one off in a certain rhythm even if one worthy of a cull doesn’t go by. From what I’ve seen buying several thousand seconds from them are ones with an exposed lead tip may have a tiny bit that needs to be broken off. If they are HP’s it’s usually just a tarnish or different color than the rest.
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          Sierra didn't have a storage problem when they were in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

          My Dad, Brothers and I bought hundreds of pounds of "rejects".
          They've been gone some 30yrs and I still have some .06 loaded with .30cal 200gr Spitzers.

          In those days the Sierra "rejects" still shot better then the Hornady & Speer of that period.