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    Has anyone using 231 in a Little Dandy had problems with it sticking in the tube or spout ? I loaded some HBWC's using 231. When finished I dumped the tube and removed the rotor. I was putting a new rotor in and I tapped the loader drop tube down and a fair amount of powder came out. My Dandy is 30+ years old and I've never had a problem with any powder including 231 till now. Just wonder what would cause the sticking. This is the first time I have used powder from this container in the Dandy.
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    I've not had that problem. Sometimes powder sticks to the walls of the Li'l Dandy measure b/c of static electricity. Releases easily with a few taps.
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      When running progressive, I tape a dryer sheet or 2 to the outside of the powder hopper to avoid clinging powder. Like everything else in life, it works ' usually'.
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        Originally posted by Plainsman View Post
        Sometimes powder sticks to the walls of the Li'l Dandy measure b/c of static electricity.
        And just about every other measure when conditions are just right.
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          The problem you describe can be due to the non-volatile solvents that the EPA has forced on industries. Without proper heat/time to evaporate, there can be enough residual solvent to make the powder stick and to clump up. This can vary from lot-to-lot.


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            Not the "old stuff". But the new can of W231 I just opened last month, yep.
            I decided to Run the full pound thru the measure, tedious but left enough of the "new" residue to keep from sticking in the rotor. I wonder if I'll have to do it next time. I used Bullseye on Sat. No problems with it.


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              I use static guard spray.
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                Had one of those little contraptions once back in the 80's. Didn't care for it. Gave it, and a bunch of the rotors to an old boy who didn't have a measure. He musta liked it as he didn't come back and fuss.

                Reckon I'm lucky. My part of Texas has an average of 78% humidity. Static build ups are basically non-existent. And further, my primary measure is a 1905 Ideal No. 5. All cast iron & brass. Not a micron of plastic present. From FF black powder to Trail Boss, nothing clings to it. Kinda lucky I guess. I dunno, maybe being a stubborn old coot that resists change paid off here? All my gear [except for a few dies] predate Nixon and his nonsense by several years or more.

                Old Cop, good luck with that thing. Hope ya loose that static cling!
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