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Magtech Small Rifle primers?

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  • Magtech Small Rifle primers?

    Hi are the magtech srp very good? Guy was getting out of reloading. I bought 12,000 off him. I just put them up. I bought them for hard times. I use match primers in my 204 ruger.

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    Never used them. Dont believe they make them anymore


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      I used some a few years back. Every one of them made a bang. RD
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        Originally posted by Rockydog View Post
        I used some a few years back. Every one of them made a bang. RD
        What RD said.

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          I have a bunch of their Large rifle primers. I had a problem with a couple of them some time back and finally traced things back to the case they were in being the problem and not the primers themselves. I other than that issue have had 1 not so good primer [missing anvil] from them in like 20-K others I have used.


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            Thanks I paid 10.00 a 1000 ct. I have kept in my reloading room in the house. Though I could try in my rem 700 223. Or my 204 ruger after I run out of Remington small match primers.