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  • Tikka 300 wsm

    Just bought a new Tikka tx3 lite in 300 wsm. I have a couple of boxes of Barnes 168 gr ttsx that I would like to try in it. Anyone have any experience with them in this rifle. Barnes claims the 168 is for 3006 and 165s are for the 300 wsm and 300 win.

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    I'm not sure how much discernible performance variation 3 grains variation might create with a monolithic, but I doubt it would be easily discernible. Unless twist is a factor, but I don't see enough velocity variance to matter on big game. But an email or phone call to the Barnes folks might reveal something I haven't considered or that I'm not aware of.



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      sounds like they are built different to handle the velocity difference.
      I'd say the 0-6 ones were made a bit softer, and the ttsx is tipped to initiate expansion sooner.

      I'd just slow them down to upper end 0-6 speed and use them.


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        I know the ogive is different so I emailed Barnes and they said they will work fine.


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          They work well. With a stiff charge of H4350 my Tikka shot 4 shots .770 inches.