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    Originally posted by mikld View Post
    I'm only familiar with 2 die "sizes" you are likely to run into. Today's "standard" 7/8-14 thread bodies and 5/8-20 (only Lyman 310, and Jr.?Used in Lyman't tong tools and a specific press using Lyman's 5/8-20 dies). All 7/8-14 dies are interchangeable (I'm not sure but Dillon may have some proprietary dies for one of their presses). Some of my die "sets" consist of 2 or 3 different manufacturer's dies...
    According to other discussions on the internet,,, the 310 tool dies are 5/8"x30tpi,,, not sure which one is right mikld, could be either.

    Then the Square Deal B dies which are a complete different kettle of fish, not even made like "regular" dies. The "die body" is just a sleeve that drops into the top of the press casting, a second part threads into the "cover plate" that goes in and holds the die sleeves in. These second pieces hold the depriming pin, the expander, and the seating punch.