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  • Can or Should I Use These?

    With my RCBS Pro Trimmer I over did it on some Nosler 30-30 cases. Trimmed them to 2.01 (4th number varies), 4 loads fired so far with these cases. Minimum is 2.039 and was looking at loading 9 of the 12 with Varget starting load of 30.5 with a Nosler Ballistic Tip 150 gr and Win wlr primer, data from Nosler manual. Gut feeling tells me to toss them. Will say this, not a big fan of the Pro Trimmer, used the Lee Case Length Gauge I had for .223 and loved it so much went out and got gauges for 30-06, .270 and yes 30-30. I like thing simple and one stage at a time at my bench with the Lee Single Press. Big on safety ( must be that 23 years in military) hence the gut feeling. Any opinion, insight or setting the "newbie" straight/at ease, I respect everyone's response's to my threads.


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    One big reason why you never have seen a burned out 30-30 barrel is those extra long case necks. I'd chuck it . 3030 brass is cheap. Always free if you wait till mid Oct to mid Nov here in Michigan. Those deer hunters always leave at least half a box on the ground at the range getting ready for opening day.


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      If there's no issues with neck tension there's really no safety issue to speak of. But 30-30 being one of those cartridges that requires good neck tension if it's tube fed, then it's probably just best to toss it in recycle bin and move on.

      BTW, it's the 3rd digit behind the decimal (thousandth of an inch / .001" ) that we use often in this hobby. From a hand loading perspective, the 3rd digit behind the decimal is often very important.

      ​​​ So if the published trim to length is 2.039", and you trimmed to say 2.010", you would be .029" under trim to length, which could be considered as significant.

      FYI, Lee makes an inexpensive trimmer that is impossible to make mistakes with. It uses a fixed length case length gauge for each specific cartridge, no adjusting measuring involved. The entire kit only costs $12-$15. Each additional cartridge only requires purchasing the $7 case length gauge.



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        Alright, you trimmed them short .030".

        Unless you are running pressures right up on the screaming maximum limit, then seating the bullet .030" deeper to reach the cannelure to crimp into (for a tube-fed levergun) is not going to reduce internal case volume enough to make a big difference in a RIFLE case, especially a rifle case 2 inches long.
        Seating a (full diameter too) bullet .030" deeper in a 3/4" 9x19 or .40 S&W case is a whole lot more "important" than seating a sub-diameter rifle bullet that same .030" in a bottlenecked case 3 times as long.

        If you are running a box magazine, IF you have enough neck tension, just forget the crimp (or taper crimp them below the cannelure to your desired OAL).

        Load and shoot them a couple times and they'll be back to needing trimmed again, and don't screw it up this time LOL.

        Yes, I am a big user of the OLD ("normal") Lee trimmer system HBC speaks of, with the cutters and case length gauge pilots. You just CAN'T over-trim with them.
        However, some people demand something adjustable (then they beach when the adjustment slips or the screw it up themselves), the Lee system I use is NOT "adjustable", and that is fine with me.

        It is so inexpensive (and reliable) in fact that I just buy complete setups for each cartridge (if you are constantly moving the cutter from pilot to pilot the pilot threads get a bit loose, just buy a setup and blue-locktite it together, ONCE, repeatability guaranteed.
        Those cutters will cut a LOT of brass before they even THINK about getting dull.


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          Originally posted by Win70 View Post
          Gut feeling tells me to toss them.
          You could do that.

          I'd use them for practice loads. Cast bullets or the Speer 110gr HP bullets over Trail Boss or one of the Alliant or Hodgdon pistol powders will never wear out a .30-30 case, and sooner or later they will return to spec length.

          The only hassel is the need to play with your crimping die, or have a second die for the short ones.

          Whatever you decide, the brass headspaces on the rim, and as DA suggested, unless you're loading at the max charge level, they will not damage shooter or rifle.
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            I would put a mild load in and shoot. 12 rounds are not going to burn out the throat. You could throw them back in the sizing die and drag the expander button through them before you load them to see it they will stretch a bit first.
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              Gentlemen thanks for the advice, thinking these will be the first in my case recycling bin.


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                When I first started reloading I was mangling cases with my Lyman trimmer. I chucked whatever I seriously botched. Didn’t feel like learning what Shit show a short case could cause.


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                  I'd use them and not worry, like others have stated 30/30 is not a screaming round and that doesnt shorten the neck much. I wouldn't pitch them either you just may have a 30 or 357 Herrett in your future and those will be perfect specimens to start with.


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                    Use them, 30-30 stretches like crazy anyway and you have them back at full length before you know it. I sometimes load my 30-30 rounds with a pointed cast bullet. I don't even crimp these. Since I only use them as a single shot in my lever gun and I own a bolt action 30-30 Stevens the shorter case would not be of any consequence nor would the lack of crimp.
                    I'd just mark them with a sharpie and use them single shot for plinking. Single shooting lever guns often reveals the true accuracy potential. If you fill the tube with ammo, all that weight is hanging out there on the end of the barrel. As you empty the gun the barrel harmonics vary so much that it can make a major difference in point of impact. RD
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                      I ended up loading nine with a Hornady Interlock 150gr RN on top of 26.6 gr of IMR 3031 and a Win lg rifle primer. OAL at 2.53. Load data from a Hornady manual. Going to single shoot.


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                        Trim length is 2.030 or 2.029 depending on who you are reading data from, so +/- 0.020" is no big deal at all, especially if you single shoot them. Good decision IMHO.

                        Changing 30-06 to 270WIN leaves cases way short in comparison, about twice as much as you have, yet the conversion is perfectly acceptable. Just keep the carbon cleaned so a standard round loaded doesn't bind up at the neck. That would probably never happen with routine cleaning. At one time all I had to reload my 270WIN was necked-down 30-06 and I never had a problem even after I could afford to buy real 270WIN cases.
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                          I guess because you're using a pointed bullet in a Tubular Magazine cartridge that your using either a Single Shot or Box Magazine Rifle.
                          I don't crimp my .30-30's for my H&R S-S or Rem 788. So Cartridge case length doesn't matter that much.

                          I've used a Lyman Powered Case Trimmer for over 30yrs. I have a dummy case with a piece of red tape around the case to set up minimum trimming length. For every single case I load for. It's a LOT Easier to set up using a set dummy case of known length, then to set up by trim and measure, trim and measure every time.

                          Since it's a .30-30 with a weak neck and body it should stretch the neck by sizing the case and pulling the case down over the expander ball DRY, Ignore the load squeak.

                          That Load with the Hornady 150gr RN over 26.6grs of IMR3031 is a good load. I have a similar load for my Lever Gun.

                          So I'd keep those cases for single shot use, no need to crimp those.


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                            I crimped them on the canalure. Read in a thread on this forum with a tubular magazine one should only use canalure bullets and always crimp.


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                              So you're using a Pointed Bullet in a Tubular Magazine ?