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16 gauge data needed

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    Thanks Randy. I'll keep these numbers handy. RD
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      Having an abundance of SR-7625 and no data for the 16 bore I appreciate you posting that data also. I'm using Federal hulls cut back to 2 1/2 and roll crimpmed so is that data good in them as well?
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        I'm using Federal hulls cut back to 2 1/2 and roll crimpmed so is that data good in them as well?
        Most likely, "No".
        Also,,,, WHICH FEDERAL HULL matters hugely.

        The problem is internal hull volume.

        The old Winchester C.F. hull is a very low volume hull (great for light loads, lousy for heavy loads).
        The newer H.S. hull is not supposed to be, but IS even slightly lower in volume.

        The lowest-volume Fed. Hull I know of is the paper-basewad High Power (with several other names over the decades), Federal Plastic Hunting Hull - Paper Basewad.

        I BELIEVE (maybe in error) that some of Federal's cheap promotional target loads are being loaded by Rio, which go in a plastic-basewadded Rio/Fiocci/Cheddite/on-and-on Euro-Std. Hull, I THINK it is between the High Power and the Gold Medal in internal volume.

        Bigger in internal volume is the Gold Medal hull.

        Absolutely CAVERNOUS is the recently unleashed Federal All Plastic Hunting Hull - .090" Basewad.

        So,, basically, (and especially using a shortened hull), you are going to pour 4 pounds into a 5-pound can.

        Now........... In ANY of the hulls above, the powder charge will sit lower, so the wad MIGHT not be too tall, and it MIGHT stack right, but it very much likely MAY NOT.

        Also,,, due to the manufacturing the CF hull is tapered inside near the bottom, it "funnels" toward the primer ( the H.S. basewad is made to try to mimic this). NONE of the federal hulls do this,, they are "straight walled".

        Wads for tapered hulls have slightly smaller OD gas seals, this CAN make them leak, sometimes badly, when fired, which brings you Poofters/Bloopers (squibs). It doesn't always happen, but it can.

        Try it and see I suppose,, don't buy a pantload of wads, because you'll likely need a different wad to fix a stack height problem OR a leakage problem.