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Rio goose loads

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  • Rio goose loads

    First off;
    My load is a published load I have been using for a LONG time. I just cant find my Rio pamphlet it came from.
    We do a lot of goose/duck hunting on the river after Big game and before it ALL freezes up.
    On out last outing you would think My boy and I where shooting blanks and the D-I-L had all the "loaded" ones.
    She flat out kicked our buts, that trip.
    My boy has a Winchester 1100 pump and mine is a rem 870 super express, D-I-L just got a Stoeger auto.
    We all run a .669 choke ( very tight) . I do the shot shell reloading the boy does the brass stuff.
    We have found that a Rio blue 3" hull ,Fiocchi 616 ( ? ) primer 35 gr steel powder , TPS wad and 71 #2 steel shot (240 gr) and 46 #B steel shot (260 gr)
    That is just under 1 1/4 oz. ,the smaller shot has to be on the bottom at 1500 fps is death ( normally ) on Canada geese and golden eye ducks.
    50 and 60 yards work well, not so good on a gadwall that sometimes slips up on you under 30 yards and that really is not the right load but, dead is dead.
    I have checked the speed with our Magnetospeed in different temperatures and there very consistent.
    We have not put the new auto on paper yet but what we saw I would say it is putting the spread right on target.
    We have printed out shotguns and at 40 yards a 30" circle will get close to 90% of the shot , you can see the #2/ #B spread .
    Most the B are in 15/20 inch and the #2 will fill in the rest, few flyers of either.
    I weigh every powder load and that are exact, I use primer trays to actually count the pellets, never mix the two, the weight may very slightly but the count is exact.
    Anyway what do you goose slayers use ?

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    shoot\'em till your arm falls off

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    Originally posted by d45/70 View Post
    First off;

    Anyway what do you goose slayers use ?

    I've killed a total of two geese in my life. I guess that makes me a goose slayer. My weapon of choice is a bit more basic than yours.

    Click image for larger version

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    Every once in a while in life we need a policeman, a lawyer, a doctor and a preacher. We need a farmer three times a day, every day.


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      I have a gun, and a load, but, well........ The Story.............Sad, and funny.

      Back about 2006, before I retired from Air Natl. Guard Security Forces, 3 of my co-workers were planning a goose-get-together.
      They asked if I would like to come along to a 4-some.
      I happily agreed.
      I had NOTHING truly suitable for Goose IMO (My beloved 2 3/4" 12 gauge FN Auto 5 WILL NEVER shoot steel), but, I was working overtime a lot so extra cash was available.

      A coffin-blind
      Full outer clothing suitable for cold-windy-wet-nasty (Bibs, coat & liner, boots, gloves).
      Browning BPS Mighty 10 Gauge.
      The whole works in basically matching HD-4 cornfield camoflage.

      The trip never happened, schedules just couldn't be arranged.

      I had a 20-gauge 700 Versamec laying around, unused (had no 20-gauge (inherited one years later)).
      Found someone online selling a set of 10-gauge dies for a Versamec. SOLD!! ($50)
      Federal hulls, 50gr of STEEL (hand weighed every one (that STEEL meters like big hunks of concrete, terrible)), SAM-1 wad, 1 1/2 ounces of BB's. 1600fps.
      A Briley extended choke tube, Steel Full.
      They hammer clays in the yard even at lengthy ranges.........

      I keep meaning to just drag myself out (had some loaner decoys for 4 or 5 years,,, need to get some myself maybe), sometimes after deer season they are seen in dad's 17 acre tillage field (wheat) in the evenings.
      I need to ask DWPT about the deer feeders that are not ON the field, but one of them is only 75' or so off the side, past a tree-line, what would constitute "baiting".
      I've NEVER seen geese over at that feeder, not live, not on cameras watching the feeder.


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        I've gone duck and goose hunting probably 25 - 30 times in my life, most of which has been in South Dakota. The sad story is that I've killed exactly zero geese, and maybe 2 or 3 ducks that I can recall. It's not that I haven't been able to get into them, they just seem to be wearing ballistic vests or something, cause I just can't seem to bring them down.