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Remington Peters hull ID

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  • Remington Peters hull ID

    Having a problem with my camera, so reference Snuffy's Remington hull post for the pic.

    I have about 1000 hulls that are at the very least 10 years empty. Headstamp says "REMINGTON PETERS 12 GA". They look very like Snuffy's pic, only black. So, black, ribbed, tapered, single-piece, plastic hull and integrated basewad. Only printing on the hull is shot size in white ink, and that varies in number and orientation on the hulls. There are low-brass bases with 6- and 8-crimp, high brass with 6- and 8-crimp, and a few with a base that is in between; the headstamp on those has a well-defined border engraved around the rim just outside the headstamp. Bases are all brass or brass-washed steel. Primer size appears to be 209. These are almost pristine. I threw away about 1000 with variously corroded or rusted bases - basically if I had any doubt. Unfortunately, an entire box of Win AA and Remington hulls was in such bad shape I had to toss the entire thing - frayed plastic, very corroded metal, stored beneath an open window for years. Apologies if I didn't link correctly. First time.
    Looks like I'm gonna be reloading shotshells in the near future. I've had the Lyman Shotshell manual for a while and been studying it and have a question about
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    the brass height means absolutely ZERO.
    the markings on the hull mean absolutely ZERO.

    what matters is the inside shape and volume.
    the shape is the taper at the bottom, or the lack of a taper.
    that is what determines the internal volume of the hull.

    what you have are cases that have the same internal volume as the sts, nitro, or gun club hull,, and their data can be used.


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      That hull is the Remington Unibody (hunting/field version).

      Same as any other non-fiber basewad Remington hull of the last 35+ years.


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        I agree with the posters above on the hull design. Depending on what reloader you are using you might find some troubles with the crimp starter or crimp function based on the six point or 8 point crimps. My MEC reloaders use a different crimp starter for 6 and 8 point crimps. The part in MEC nomenclature is a Spindex Starter. RD
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