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    when you get back start over from step 1.
    you definitely need a new crimp starter.
    but you need to look down inside your hull as you go.
    make sure you are dropping the correct weight of powder, and double check your bushing [the powder charts are notoriously wrong]
    and the shot bushings are never right. [they generally throw a little light]
    when you seat the wad make sure the petals are at the fold line or slightly below it inside the hull.
    you adjust the depth and pressure by adjusting the rod that drops the powder and shot [loosen the clamp with the allen head screw]
    make sure the shot is not above that same point.
    if it is and the wad is seated down on the powder fully... STOP RIGHT HERE, your not gonna get a good shell and need to change the powder volume [or the wad crush section length]
    make sure the crimp starter pushes the petals almost closed, not touching but about 1/8" apart in the center.

    then and only then start setting your crimp for depth and the slight roll at the case mouth.
    these are 2 separate adjustments of the same die.
    the first is the rod in the center [the one with the screwdriver slot] it sets the crimp depth.
    the second is the outer body of the C-looking body it sets the little roll at the mouth.
    too much and it mushrooms the case mouth out or crushes the hull down near the brass head, too little and the cases don't chamber easily.
    set the depth first then back it off and adjust the other then turn the depth back down again [just like setting the seating die for metallic loading]
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      I'm seeing some suspicious crimp indentations that aren't resulting in complete crimps. What this tells me is you're using an 8 point crimp on a 6 point hull. I'd check that, and while you're at it make sure you have the right start crimp.

      Once the above has been addressed move on to adjustment, wad pressure, and finished crimp depth.

      And sometimes it's a matter of figuring out which components don't really match up well. Even when the data says it's a match it might not be a good match.

      A lastly, but not least, I've found that powder bushings can be off enough to cause problems. often times it's related to powder lot variations. Sometimes a small variation doesn't cause problems, but when it does I'll weigh the charge being dropped, and if switching to a smaller / larger bushing won't solve the issue, I enlarge a smaller bushing so that it throws the correct charge weight.

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        Got a spindex kit switched to the 8 point and changed nothing else looks good to me. Does anybody see anything wrong that has more experience?
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